How Much Should You Spend in Park City for Landscaping Services?

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The average landscape design in Park City with trees, flowers and plants may cost $1,383 for a 211-foot area. If you only need professional advice, a landscaping company in the city may charge from $50 to $100 per hour of their time.

Most people think that they can just go ahead and pick a layout by themselves, as they want to save money from hiring a contractor. While DIY landscaping is possible, several common mistakes are easily overlooked when you don’t hire an expert. Take the natural structure of your yard as an example.

Why DIY Can Be Problematic

A landscape architect or designer will know more about the right way to handle rocky terrain, a front lawn with too much shade or one that can be unusually hot during summer. Choose a landscape architect if you want to change the entire concept of your yard, while designers are more suitable for projects that only aim to improve the lawn’s current appearance.

Most DIY landscapers also forget to include fall and winter seasons in their design plans, which happens when they think that it’s pointless to plant seeds during these months. On the contrary, professional landscape design in Park City can address these problems. Experts can also suggest the right mix of plants and flowers, especially when you live in a place where deer sightings are quite common.

Return on Investment

Another reason to hire a landscaping contractor involves your plan of selling the house. Based on the median price of landscaping services in Park City, your home’s resale price can increase by $1,062 depending on the type of work done on the property. Some homeowners create a budget by taking 10% of their home’s value and spending the amount on landscaping work.

This percentage, however, isn’t a general rule of thumb for homeowners. For instance, you can spend up to $5,000 for materials and labor even if your house isn’t worth $500,000 when you bought it. You don’t have to splurge all of it on designing your front lawn, as $5,000 can be enough to include a backyard design.

Designing Your Backyard

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Landscaped backyards work quite differently because some designs include functional spaces. Some homeowners in Park City only spent $1,205 for backyard designs, although you need to temper your expectations if you plan on spending the same amount.

Decks, outdoor kitchens, fire pits and swimming pools comprise some of the reasons why designing a backyard can be more expensive than landscaping for front lawns. If you hire a general contractor, the project’s total cost may increase by at least $690.

The median price for landscaping work on 211 square feet may be more or less expensive depending on where you live in Park City, the cost of labor and the type of design. Ask quotes from at least three different landscaping professionals to know about the current rates in the city. An insured and licensed contractor may charge a higher rate yet it’s better to spend extra for your protection.

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