Maximize Your Outdoor Space by Creating a Rustic Garden Room

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors helps improve your mood and health. Researchers say exposure to green spaces lowers your blood pressure, heart rate, and boosts your mental health. Fortunately, you can experience these benefits even without leaving your home if you have a garden. And you can make the most of this outdoor space by sprucing it up.

Make Your Outdoor Space Appear Larger

A garden “room” is a separate area in your garden. It’s not an enclosed space; it’s a zone in your garden with a specific purpose and design. This is an ideal project that adds an element of surprise to your outdoor space. But garden rooms are not a patio decorated with floral-printed furniture. These rooms are spaces separated by a wall, which can be vines, trees, shrubs, hedges, or other green structures that give a sense of natural separation.

Room facing the garden

Take inspiration from famous gardens, such as the Gardens of Versailles in France, Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden in Thailand, and Sissinghurst Castle Garden in England. These sites use geometric hedges to create stunning garden areas. You can use a clipped hedge to create your garden room, but a row of tall grasses or lilacs also make an ideal choice, depending on your taste and personal style.

As you work on the look of your garden, consider its safety as well. Look for features that need to be removed. For instance, a stump from an old tree that had to be cut down. Stumps are a safety hazard because people could trip on them. Stump removal isn’t easy, especially when you don’t have the equipment. It’s best to leave the job to tree experts who provide safe and efficient stump grinding services.

Once that stump is removed, you can design your garden “room” freely.

Design Ideas for a Rustic Garden Room

Rustic house and garden

 A rustic garden will give your property a touch of the countryside, with the right elements. You can find an array of rustic elements from flea markets, salvage yards, or garage sales. Here are a few ideas for a country-style garden room:  

  • Use wooden materials

The key characteristic of rustic style is the use of natural materials. Woods with heavy and warm appearance, like mahogany, will give your garden room a rustic feel, especially when paired with industrial pieces. Choose wooden accessories, like driftwood and old wagons for planters.

  • Add a hint of industrial pieces

Try not to limit your design with natural pieces. Adding a few industrial pieces provides contrast to your space. You can achieve this through your light fixture, cabinet and window hardware, and gate. Colors, such as black, gold, and copper, give the space a rustic, modern design.

  • Repurpose old items

Old items don’t have to end up in landfills. You can repurpose some them to interesting elements to your outdoor space. Old tin cans, for example, can be pretty planters. You can turn weathered driftwood pieces or old ceiling fans into garden art or even furniture pieces.

A garden room that suits your style and preference can encourage you to spend more time outdoors, particularly when the weather is pleasant. This allows you to benefit from green spaces.


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