Cockroaches Now Developing Immunity vs. Common Pesticides

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Cockroaches are among the most common pests you can find in almost every household. Coincidentally, it is also one of the most challenging creatures to get rid of. And things might even be in for the worse.

That is because cockroaches are now evolving to become more resistant to conventional pesticides. Research shows that today’s cockroach population is developing resistance against common pesticides. This has led many homeowners to believe that controlling the pest population with chemicals will almost be impossible.

This can cause a problem, especially when you are trying to exterminate German cockroaches. But what issues do cockroaches exactly bring to humans?

The effects of a cockroach infestation

Cockroaches are creatures that usually crawl out at night to search for food in the kitchen, rubbish bins, sewers, and drains. Most people consider them as pests because of their habits and undesirable smell.

The World Health Organization says that they also act as hosts for various diseases, including cholera and thyroid fever. They are a nuisance in most houses, as they spread filth and ruin foods and fabrics. They also disgorge some portions of their digested food anywhere.

Their eggs can also carry parasitic worms, which cause allergic reactions. These  include swelling of the eyelids, itching, dermatitis, and other serious complications.

Preventive measures for controlling the cockroach population

man spraying pesticides inside a houseControlling the cockroach population is more effective in areas with temperate climates, compared to locations that are warm and humid. Another factor that you should consider is the cleanliness of the home. It is easier to control their population in isolated homes compared to apartments. That is because they often have access to other quarters of the building.

Storing foods in the right place can also help. You should the food in tight containers. Another way is to place it in screened cabinets or the refrigerator. In addition, you need to ensure that you clean all areas to get rid of any food debris that may get left behind. You should also cover the rubbish bins so that no cockroaches can get inside.

You should take your groceries and dirty clothing into consideration, too. Ensure that you check all these things before bringing them back into your space.

Controlling the cockroach population is difficult, especially now that these pests are becoming resistant to conventional pesticides. You can always ask help from a pest control company in New England.

But if you feel that it is still manageable, there are ways to do it on your own. You can try repelling them instead of poisoning them. Remember that chemical control only provides you with temporary relief. Once they develop immunity to it, it will no longer help you control these pests.

Pests like cockroaches are such a severe problem to handle. The best way that you can win the battle against them is by keeping your house clean and organized all the time. Do not leave any leftover food around. Doing so will prevent these pests from getting attracted to your home.

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