Fun Activities to Do with Your Dog

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Dogs get depressed too. Yes, they have internal lives, and they contemplate existence the way you do. Well, maybe that’s taking it too far but you get the point. You can’t let your dog get too bored. If they become very unhappy, they might succumb to an illness. Or they might direct their pent-up emotions to your favorite pair of shoes. Either way, it’s bad news for you.

So make sure your canine companion’s safe from midlife or quarter-life crisis. You can do that by sharing fun activities with them. Here are our recommendations.

Recreational fishing

You bought yourself a Battle III spinning reel by Penn. You’ve filed your work leave duly approved by your boss. You’re ready to go on your next fishing adventure. Why not take your pup with you? They too will enjoy the tranquility of your destination whether it’s the open sea or a river surrounded by foliage and mountains. It’ll be a feast for your dog’s olfactory sense.

Plus, you’ll have a bodyguard with you. You can rest assured that you’re looked after. If God forbid, you find yourself in an accident, your pup can call for help like Lassie on steroids.

Learning new tricks

Ideally, by now your doggo knows how to follow simple commands like sit or stay. But why stop there? If you’ve seen at least one canine audition on America’s Got Talent, you will know that dogs have many tricks up their sleeves. But you must help them discover those tricks. They can’t pull that off themselves.

It’s time you teach your dog how to jump into hoops. Or do canine arithmetic via barking. It’ll be a blast.

Staycation at a pet-friendly hotel

Pamper your pup from time to time. They can’t be holed up in your cramp apartment for most of their life. If there’s a nearby pet-friendly hotel, take your canine companion there for a weekend staycation.

Go swimming with your dog in the hotel’s pool. That is if it’s allowed. If not, at least sunbathe with your pup with a refreshing drink at hand.

You can order room service. Mukbang with your doggo. Just make sure you check the ingredients of the food you will order. Remember that onions and garlic, among others, are a no-no.

Netflix and chillin’

If you can’t afford to staycation with your pup, the next best thing is to stay at home and Netflix and chill. But remember your dog’s the priority. You don’t get to choose what to watch. Since your dog can’t choose, choose on their behalf. Most likely, they’ll appreciate movies or shows where they are represented. Yey, representation! Think Homeward Bound.

To make the moment extra special, bake some goodies for your dog. While you nibble on chips, let them enjoy a slice of cake. Just make sure there’s no chocolate in it.


Dogs like putting their heads out of the passenger window to feel the wind on their face. That’s something you’ve probably seen in many movies. And it’s an accurate depiction of how easy and simple dogs’ pleasures are. And why deprive them of those pleasures?

Schedule a joyride with your doggo. Take them to a place they’ve never been to before. Let them smell smells they’ve never sniffed before. Keep the car windows open.

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Canine party

Do not wait for your dog’s birthday to throw them a party. A canine party does not require a special occasion. If you have a dog and you live in a neighborhood with lots of dog lovers, every day is a good day for a canine party.

Your dog will get to play with other dogs. You, on the other hand, can socialize with the fur parents.

Your canine companion makes life more bearable. Despite the hurdles that life throws your way, you know you have a furry friend who’s there to comfort you and tell you it’s okay. Well, they can’t literally tell you it’s okay. What they’ll do instead is rest their head on your chest or rub their nose on your face. And those are more than enough.

In return, devote as much time to your dog as possible. They won’t ask you for fancy things. They won’t mind if you don’t buy them the most expensive toys from the pet shop. Your time is enough. So don’t be stingy with it.

Share the fun activities cited above with your dog. Once you’ve exhausted the list, come up with new ways to bond with your furry friend. All it takes is a little imagination.

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