Caring for Your Dog in the Pandemic

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The pandemic makes life difficult for everyone. You are fortunate if you have a dog that continues to give you unconditional love amid this crisis.

A dog lightens the load and brightens the day for singles, couples, and families. This furry friend cannot contain its excitement around you. It radiates pure joy. You, in turn, are responsible for ensuring your dog’s well-being even in these challenging days. Your dog is completely dependent on you.

Have Adequate Supplies

When you stock up on your food and other supplies, do not forget the needs of your dog. Make sure that you have enough dog food for three months at a time. This includes treats, as well. This is to make allowances for any sudden lockdown.

If your dog needs any maintenance medication or supplements, ask your veterinarian how much you can safely have on hand. You need toiletries, and so does your dog. Have enough supply of your usual dog shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste.

Continue Walking Outdoors

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Your dog’s need for regular exercise outside continues even in a pandemic. Do not confine your pet indoors. This can lead to behavioral problems and physical problems such as obesity.

If regulations allow it, go on your daily walk. Cover the same distance if possible. If you used to walk your dog twice a day, though, limit it to once a day this time.

Make sure to keep yourself 1.5 meters away from other people. You must not allow your dog to get in contact with other dogs and animals. Put your dog on a leash to ensure that you are always in control.

The guidelines on temperature are the same as before the pandemic. On hot days, walk your dog when the temperature is cooler. This could be early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or in the early evening. Bring water to cool down your pet.

Of course, always clean up after your pet. This is non-negotiable. In this pandemic, it is even more important that we keep the surroundings clean.

Exercise at Home

If you are under quarantine with your dog at home, maximize the use of your deck and yard for your dog’s outdoor exercise.

As a dog-owner, you must make sure that your deck is safe for your pet. Note that wooden decks sometimes have splinters that can injure your dog’s paws. Nails or screws can also pop out of the wood and cause injury. Even you can get wounded on such things. Regular and proper maintenance of your wooden deck will prevent these problems.

You can also look for other decking solutions that can be dog-friendly.  Composite decking materials do not splinter. They are also not prone to have popping nails and screws. They are likewise easy to wash down after your dog has tracked mud all over the deck.

Allow your pet to play on your deck and run around your yard. Make sure that you have a secure perimeter fence to keep your dog from running off.

Continue to play with your dog indoors, too. You do not need a lot of expensive and complicated toys. Your dog will be happy to play tug of war with you over an old towel.

Keep Your Dog Groomed

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You must groom long-haired dogs regularly to prevent painful tangles. Frequently bathe and brush short-haired dogs for hygiene. This minimizes the accumulation of dog hair throughout the house.

It is convenient if you know how to do this yourself and your dog accepts the routine. If not, it is best to leave the task to a professional groomer.

Again, observe all pandemic protocols when taking your dog for grooming. If you are under self-isolation, wait until the prescribed period is over before going out.

Make an Emergency Plan

Draw up a plan for your pet in case you get Covid-19 and you have to be in the hospital. Talk to family members or friends who can take your dog under such circumstances.

Inform your dog’s guardians that your dog’s fur can be a carrier of the virus. They must handle the pet with gloves and immediately bathe it upon arrival at the new home.

It is best to choose those your dog is already familiar with. Brief them on all your dog’s needs and routines. Put all your dog’s supplies in one place and make sure that the would-be guardians know where they are. They must sanitize these, too.

Thrive Even in the Pandemic

People often say that they can survive the many restrictions of the times all because of their dogs. A dog brings not only companionship but also unlimited affection.

Some even decided to get a dog during the pandemic for this purpose. Animal sanctuaries encourage people to foster a dog if they cannot commit to long-term guardianship.

If you take good care of your dog even during the pandemic, your pet will return your love many times over.  You will not only survive the pandemic, but you will also thrive despite it.

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