Dog Training: Start Them Young

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Many people love to play with puppies. They are cute, little fur balls of energy. Now, getting a puppy for your children can be a great way to teach them how to be responsible at an early age, as well. They will learn how to take care of their new pets by regularly feeding and bathing them, and taking them out for playtime.

Your kids, however, may not be ready to train them. In a populated area like Jacksonville, FL, you need to start puppy training as soon as possible so that the lovable and playful pup you’re raising doesn’t grow up aggressive.

Puppy training should start once they are a few weeks old. At around the time they are able to walk and play, this is when they can recognize simple sounds and faces. This is the best time to start training.

While you can do the training yourself at home, it’s recommended that a professional does the training for you. They are much more skilled and knowledgeable with handling and teaching pets and can assure you that once you leave your dog to them, they will return to you in a much more obedient and calm state.

Read on to learn more about the benefits that you can expect once your puppy finishes training.

House training

dog with leather leash waiting to go walkiesBasic house training can be time-consuming and tiring. At a young age, puppies want to just run, play, and bite everything on sight. But with regular training, they can be calm and obedient.

That doesn’t mean that they will stop playing with you. This only means that instead of them just running around doing what they want, they will learn where to properly relieve themselves, not bite on furniture and other items, as well as not bark and be aggressive at other pets and people.


As a puppy, they need to be introduced to the world around them immediately. This will lessen the chances of them being aggressive or shy to other people and dogs. Getting familiar with the different areas and people that they will be regularly interacting with is also a great way to improve their social skills.

Basic commands

Once your pet is with a professional trainer, they can train them simple commands such as sit, stay, play, and so much more. But there’s more to it than that.

What you’re looking for is their obedience and willingness to cooperate. You have to let them know that you’re the one in charge of the family or the pack. This will also lessen the chances of them becoming violent and insubordinate to you and anybody else.

Leash training

Not all dogs like leashes. They love to run around and play with other puppies and pets. However, if you don’t teach them how to be comfortable with a leash, they might get into an accident by running around too much.

While professional training will cost time and money, you’re investing in the future of not only your puppy but also your family. Nobody likes a wild and rough dog. Do the right thing and train your dog while it’s young.

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