Day: August 9, 2019

Trainer gives the husky dog a reward

Dog Training: Start Them Young

Many people love to play with puppies. They are cute, little fur balls of energy. Now, getting a puppy for your children can be a great way to teach them how to be responsible at an early age, as well. They will learn how to take care of their new pets by regularly feeding and bathing them, and taking them out

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dog on the grass looking up

Why Should You Train Your Dog?

Many people naturally love animals. Some of us even consider our pets as real members of the family. We give them comfortable (sometimes, luxurious) places to live in, with some going as far as providing them with a small private room. We take them to the veterinary clinic for routine check-ups, similar to how we bring our family members to a physician.

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Brown Lawn Alert, Myths, and Remedies

A browning lawn is alarming, but you can still save the grass. What can you do to keep the roots alive and revive a browning yard? Our lesson for today is proper and adequate watering. Let’s see if the watering practices you are accustomed to are really helping the grass, or if your erroneous methods are killing them instead. Shallow

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