Why Dogs Love Us More Than We Love Them

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Many dog owners would do anything just to make their pets happy, healthy, and safe. One would not only make sure their dog’s basic needs are met. Many dog parents even make it a point to provide their pets with the best of things. Many invest in different training programs such as dog obedience training programs. Some will go to greater lengths just to make sure their dogs are well taken care of even after they pass away.

It can be easy to say that your dog means the world to you. But as it turns out, dogs love their owners more than their owners love them. One of the best examples that prove this statement is the story of Hachiko.

For Dogs, We Mean the World to Them

In Japan, Hachiko was a very popular dog, who was the perfect example of how loyal and obedient man’s best friend could be. Many consider him a national hero in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Japanese even built a memorial for Hachiko and named a station entrance and train line after him. But what makes Hachiko’s story meaningful and noteworthy?

Hachiko was a Japanese Akita dog who would make it a point to walk his owner, Professor Ueno, to the train station just to say goodbye before the latter got on the train and went to work. While waiting for Ueno to return, the obedient dog spent the day in the train station up until his owner returned from work. This became an everyday occurrence that shop owners and even the train station workers nearby would watch over Hachiko and give him food, water, and treats while he waited.

One day, Hachiko’s owner failed to return to the train station after dying due to cerebral hemorrhage. The dog did not lose hope and continued his routine at the train station, waiting for his owner to come home. This went on for nine long years until the poor dog died in 1935.

How Hachiko Can Teach Us How to Love

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According to the Japan Times, Hachiko passed away due to worms and cancer. Because of his loyalty and obedience, he was immortalized in five places and even dubbed as a symbol of loyalty. This goes to show that even after a dog’s owner dies, they will still stay loyal and carry on patiently waiting for the love of their life.

The love that Hachiko had for his owner shows that love has no boundaries. Even if many people were willing to take care of him, he still chose to wait for his old owner at the very station every single day. This is the kind of love we need these days and the kind that your pet dog surely has for you.

No one knows if Hachiko underwent training as a puppy. Indeed, some dogs may only need little to no training. But even dogs can change, and their behavior can turn for the worst if we fail to guide them the right way. This is why dog obedience training matters. You won’t only make it easier for you and your dog to live a happy life. This can also save their life in many cases.

Hachiko is truly an inspiring story that even non-dog lovers have come to love. This shows that love, loyalty, and obedience can go a long way in touching people’s lives. The even bigger lesson one can learn is that dogs love their humans more than anything. We may love them with all our hearts. But we, their humans, are their world.

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