Offline Marketing Tactics for Your Online Shop

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Just because you own an online store does not necessarily mean that you should only interact with the target and current customers online. For your online store to become more successful, your brand has to be everywhere – online and offline.

When you promote your online store using more traditional marketing tactics, you will be able to connect more with your customers. The more avenues you market your e-commerce store, the more leads and conversions you can potentially make.

That said, below are some simple ideas to market your brand offline.

Hand Out Good ‘Ole Business Cards

Keep in mind that when you are running errands or lounging in a café, you’re actually interacting with potential customers. Let’s say that you’re ordering a cup of coffee and the cashier compliments your shirt. Tell her that you’re actually selling that shirt and others like it in your online store.

DO this rather than simply giving her the website address of your online shop; you could just hand her your business card.

Do a Pop-Up Event

Pop-ups are showing no signs of going away soon because it really does help in building awareness to smaller businesses. It is one of the easiest and more affordable ways online companies can market their brand offline.

Go to Local Community Events

Going to events in your community is an excellent way to promote your online shop and carry out promotions. There is always an event in your local area and neighboring cities. Check with your local community organizations or groups that connect business owners to each other and the community.

You can likewise check out trade shows and conferences in your industry. Going to these kinds of events will enable you to forge and foster beneficial industry relationships. It also allows you to connect with customers face-to-face and learn about various tips to help you run and grow your online store more effectively.

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Give Away Free Stuff

Everybody loves receiving free swag; that’s why the industry for promotional products is always coming up with innovative promotional products. Aside from making potential and current customers happy and feel appreciated, it also helps promote your online shop.

Give away branded swag at your pop-up events and community events to help promote awareness from your online shop. Giving out functional and memorable branded stuff will help cement your brand into the minds of your customers.

Rub Elbows with the Local Media

Consider getting an interview in your local radio station and having your online store featured in the local magazine, newspaper, or website. Even if you have yet to launch your online shop, start building a relationship with the local media as early on as possible.

Just don’t forget to put up an “Opening Soon” landing page on your site to attract leads and build buzz before your actual launch date.

Following these essential tips for marketing your online shop offline will help create buzz around your business to prospective customers. Remember, just because your business is online does not mean that you should only market to online customers.

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