How to Create a Low-Maintenance Garden Using Rocks and Boulders

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All homeowners want a perfect landscape. Unfortunately, however, not all of them have the rime or the budget needed to maintain an outdoor showcase. Fortunately, natural stone is among the most cost-effective, versatile, and low maintenance options for making any garden look beautiful and put-together. So, before you go on a buying spree in your local gardening supplies store in Utah, here are some ideas for using landscaping rocks and boulders to create your very own low maintenance, yet beautiful landscape.

Select the Best Rocks

The rocks you buy would help you in setting the tone for your entire landscape. For example, white marble chips can help make shady patches in your garden look brighter, while river rocks and tawny beach pebbles can lend warmth to your garden. If you want a more modern and minimalist garden, consider dark lava rocks. Additionally, flat terracotta rocks are best for tropical themed gardens but could look out of place in formal landscapes.

Build a Mini Rock Garden

When building a mini rock garden, build it in an area where sunlight is abundant and choose two more small boulders as centerpieces. Surround these with low-lying, closely spaced blooms like decorative cactus or ground orchids, and then fill in the spaces with smaller rocks that will highlight the natural tones of the boulders.

Do Away with Mulch

While rocks might be more costly than mulch, they are much more durable and don’t need to be replaced as the season’s change. Also, if you go with stones with pale hues, they can offer a striking contrast against foliage with darker tones and even help illuminate shady areas in your garden.

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Use Boulders as Focal Points

Huge boulders in unusual and interesting shapes could serve as fascinating centerpieces in any landscape. In bigger gardens, a massive boulder could lend visual interest to typical border areas, while in smaller gardens, a smaller, more oddly shaped boulder might be ideal than a typical ornamental shrub.

Utilize Water Features as Borders

The right kind of rocks will help conceal unsightly pond liners and offer contrast to the water. If you’re into the natural and organic pond feel, opt for stones in similar sizes but with varying colors and shapes.

Build a Fuss-Free Container Garden

Rather than building a container garden on the patio or deck, build one in a rockscape that your sprinkler system can easily reach. Line it with weed barriers and place all the containers you’ve chosen on top. Make sure to cut holes in your weed barrier in order that the bottom of your containers can fit right through and reach the soil. Ensure that your containers have ample holes for proper drainage. Lastly, surround your containers with tiny rocks that will complement their color.

Boulders and rocks in different shapes, colors, and sizes are an easy solution for low maintenance but tasteful landscapes. You just have to select the best ones that will fit the exact design you want to execute. Scour the Internet and magazines to check out rockscapes that might appeal to you.

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