7 Great Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

Gray stone wall with furniture

Owning a home for most people is a dream come true. Personalizing it will make it stand out. You can do this by having great landscaping. The other option is to play with the walls. We will share with you fantastic ideas below.

1. Brick and stone

Incorporate brick-and-stone into your landscaping. You can build a half wall, and use different colors for a better effect. If you’re into murals, you can paint some on the brick and stone.

2. Floating Shelves

Mount a floating shelf onto your wall, and get some interesting decor pieces. Such could include potted plants, lanterns, among others. If you’re a collector, you could also play some interesting art objects. Just remember they will be outside, so it should not be anything valuable. You do not want to attract the neighborhood burglar.

3. Green Walls

Find a moss wall supplier to construct for you a green wall. What makes the wall stand out is that the moss is real. You do not have to worry about maintenance. The moss undergoes a preservation process, and will not need soil, or watering. You get the lush look without needing to maintain it. Only will occasionally need to do dust it using compressed air. Here’s the best part; you get a range of textures, colors, and depth.

4. Metal Artworks

Your local metal artisan should be able to give interesting metallic artwork for your wall. You have a wide range of material to choose, including zinc, copper, and iron. You can go as crazy as you wish on the artworks. Confirm that the artisan has taken the time to weatherproof the metal. If done properly, you will never have to worry about rusting.

abstract wall

5. Plants

Talk to your local florist about plants you can grow along your wall. You have so many choices; you could go for the climbing ones, crawling ones, grounded ones, among others.

6. Art

How about involving yourself in some DIY; we promise you’ll have fun. Your wall is a blank canvas for you to do with as you wish. Buy spray paint in various colors and come up with some interesting collages. You can also buy art supplies and come up with interesting art pieces.

7. Wall Displays

Use the walls to hang up some of your favorite artworks. It could be for the outside patio area where you have outdoor seating. A wall art display will look great and will allow you to showcase your artworks.

Give the exterior of your house the same attention as you would the interior. It feels great to come home to a beautiful home. It feels even better when you have a cohesive look and feel within and without. You’ll find so many wall ideas you can consider. Just keep in mind that whatever material you use should be weatherproof. Also, go for something that will not need too much maintenance. It should also not be too expensive as you do not want to make the local burglar’s work easy.

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