Shirts Wanted!

Calling all shirts! That’s what runs this project: shirts! Do you run an animal welfare organization or a rescue or a shelter? Do you have a shirt? Send them to us and we’ll feature your group! Here is a list of the type of shirts we are looking for and some examples.

Size needed: small adult unisex

Accepting Shirts From:

1. Animal Welfare Organizations – This would be for groups that work to improve the lives of animals such as the ASPCA, HSUS or Defenders of Wildlife.

2. Shelters/Rescues – Any rescue group or local shelter that takes care of rescued animals, adopts them out, etc. such as Central Texas Feline Rescue, AustinPetsAlive! or BullsEye Dog Rescue. We don’t discriminate against so called “kill-shelters” either so send us those shirts as well. If we can get them exposure, they won’t be forced to euthanize so many animals!

3. Animal Awareness Groups – This includes groups that may not take care of actual animals but instead focus more on policy & raising awareness on different issues. This could be groups against BSL or those that promote better treatment of farm animals. Different programs that Best Friends Animal Sanctuary runs would fit here. This is a really wide category.

4. Other Animal Service Groups – This is for groups that don’t necessarily adopt out animals but still work to improve their lives such as feral cat groups like Alley Cat Allies, groups that build fences for chained dogs or those that provide services like vetting & spay/neuter such as Animal Trustees of Austin or World Vets.

5. Events – This group is for any event that promotes better treatment of animals or helps raise money for a cause or group. This could be something like Chain-Off, a local Woofstock or Barktoberfest, a walk for canine cancer, anything!

6. Wildlife Sanctuaries – This is for sanctuaries that rescue abused and/or abandoned wildlife & give them the better life that they deserve. Examples of this are Big Cat Rescue and The Elephant Sanctuary.

7. Business Charities – This is for huge corporate businesses like Petsmart or Petco that have their own charities or for smaller businesses that also participate in rescue and have a designated Rescue fund or program. Obviously the T-shirt should pertain to the rescue/charity aspect, not the business itself.

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