ILRA Projects in Action

At any given time, I Love Rescue Animals is in the middle of some sort of project. Find out about these projects and how you can help. This page will continue to be updated as projects come, go, and grow.

Last Chance Pets

Last Chance Pets is our twitter account that features the animals whose lives are quickly coming to an end. If we don’t save these animals, then who will? Please follow us and retweet us as much as possible. If you are a shelter and want to see your lists of animals here, please use our contact form and let us know. We would love to pass on your information and find a home for some last chance pets.

Check out the Last Chance Page and our twitter account for more information.

365 Days of Animal Advocacy

After endless amounts of brainstorming sessions to figure out the best way to get our mission across, we’ve finally come up with this: 365 Days of Animal Advocacy! What is it about? Well, grab a few hundred t-shirts relating to animals and animal organizations, and I will tell you. Or you could just go read for yourself at the original 365 Days of Animal Advocacy blog post.

The Starfish Effect

I’m sure you’ve heard the story. About the man who saved the starfish, one by one. Who never gave up no matter how daunting the mission because for just one starfish, it meant all the world. Well that’s what we strive to do here at I Love Rescue Animals. Every single animal counts. This isn’t so much a project as a motto, a core value, a belief. If we can save one life, it was all worth it. Read more of the story and how it has impacted us at the Starfish Effect blog post.

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    Other Projects

    We aren't the only ones with some great projects. Check out these great people changing the world, one blog at a time.


    BlogPaws: BlogPaws is an online resource for pet bloggers to help you be a better blogger, whatever "being a better blogger" means to YOU. So whether you are blogging for fun, to raise money or on behalf of a company or organization, BlogPaws is your go-to place.

    Be the Change for Animals: BtC4Animals will highlight one cause per week and provide information on how readers can help. Calls to action won’t require money or more than 15 minutes to complete and will typically involve actions like signing a petition or participating in a letter-writing campaign.

    PawPawty: A PawPawty is a virtual ‘party’ held once a month on Twitter where anipals have fun and raise money for animal charities. It is like having a real ‘party’ but everything takes place in the Twitterverse. There are lots of new pals to meet, fun pawty food and drinks to sample as well as music to listen to. We share photos, sing, dance and have contests where you can win great pwizes.


    Do you have an awesome project in the works? Let us know!