Ways to Get Involved

Most likely the reason that you’ve come to ILRA is because you want to help spread the word about rescue animals and the love that they come with or to get involved with rescue yourself. Here is a list of things that you can do to make the lives of these wonderful animals better.

Volunteer At A Shelter

Volunteering at your local shelter or rescue organization is a great way to help out. Many shelters will often jump at the chance to have volunteers come and feed and play and walk their four-legged (or not) friends, and there are more than enough opportunities to start fundraisers and drives to get supplies for a needy rescue. Looking for a shelter to help out at? Check out our growing database of national shelters and rescues and see if you can find a place near you.


Many shelters and organizations are non-profits and therefore rely heavily on the kind donations of their community. While money is probably the most helpful, not everyone can afford it, and there are plenty of other things to donate besides money. Many shelters will have lists of things that they need like towels, toys, newspapers, and other inexpensive items.

Be a Foster Parent

Shelters are overrun with pets in need of homes and there are far too many kill shelters that are forced to put down animals in order to bring in more. You can help our nation became a no-kill shelter nation by contacting your local shelter and asking about the requirements for becoming a foster parent. Being a foster parent and opening your door to a furry friend in need is one of the greatest ways to get involved. There is no way to describe the sense of satisfaction you will have over being a foster parent and seeing first hand how your hard work has helped to save an animal’s life.

Community Events

Many organizations such as the ASPCA and the HSUS often create community events to help educate the public about the positive effects of adoption and other issues regarding animal welfare. Not only is it a good idea to attend these events, but you can also contact the organization and get information about volunteering. Local groups put on events as well – look into it!

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