While I Love Rescue Animals isn’t a 501(3)c YET, we’re working towards that status and we are always 100% up front about where your donations go to.

Donations for Fosters

We always have a household of animals, many of which are fosters that come and go through our doors on their way to a forever home. Most of the time we are fostering rescues we have found ourselves and are therefore not receiving much (or none at all) in terms of financial aid from any other organization. The money comes from our own limited resources or from the funds donated to us by awesome people like you. Here’s where that money goes.

  • Cat Litter
  • Cat Food
  • Dog Food
  • Flea & Tick Meds
  • Heartworm Meds
  • Vet Bills (most of our fosters have special needs)
  • Vet Savings (any extra goes into a vet savings account for emergency vet)

On rare occasions, we find ourselves struggling with an overwhelming vet bill for one of our own furry kids (i.e. Merlin’s echocardiogram). In these cases, we specifically fundraise for that individual bill – the donations that come to ILRA through this page are not used for these circumstances, only for fosters and rescues.

If you would like to donate to ILRA, you can find the donate button to the right. Thank you!

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    I Love Rescue Animals is a labor of love, but we can't do it alone. All money we receive will go towards keeping our fosters and rescues healthy with food, medications, and vet care.

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