Contact Us About 365DAA

If you’re interested in taking part in 365DAA whether it be through pledging and sending a t-shirt or volunteering some other way, you may be looking for a way to contact us. Here’s a breakdown of how to do that.

Contact to Pledge a Shirt

Great! You want to pledge a shirt! Here is what we need from you:

  • Your name
  • The organization you’re pledging for
  • Where they are located
  • A short description of the group
  • Your involvement with the group
  • Where they can be found online

Please send this information in an email to 365 [AT] We will get back to you letting you know where to send the shirt. Thank you so much!

Contact About Anything Else

If you want to contact us about helping out, you can email us at the above address, or you can get a hold of us on any of our social media networks. If you need to contact us about anything other than 365 Days of Animal Advocacy, please head over to our I Love Rescue Animals contact page. You will find more information about us there.

365DAA Online

Thank you for helping us with this project! With your help, this will be a great success!

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