Welcome Animal Lovers, One and All!

Hi everyone and welcome to Rescue Animals! I am super excited to get this site up and running. I know it looks like nothing right now but very soon we will be getting our amazing design up and then everything will just take off from there. The idea for this site has been kicking around in my head for several months now but I never knew quite how to go about getting it up and running. I wanted a place where I could share my passion for animals with the rest of the world. My very first idea was just to have a place where anyone with a rescue animal of any kind could post a picture of them and tell us their story and how much they mean to them. I wanted one place where everyone could show just how special rescue animals are. I want people who are considering adopting or those who outright refuse to do so to have a place where they can come and see that getting a rescue animal doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with some mangy old mutt with a gazillion behavior problems. I want people to see all the success stories out there. I love hearing about rescue animals ending up saving their adopters life. I love to see adopted animals become therapy pets. I love stories where an animal comes into a shelter or rescue abused and afraid and then finding the perfect family and finding happiness and trust again. That is something everyone deserves, animals included. I think people’s minds are starting to change and those of us who advocate adoption first are becoming a louder and more powerful voice in the world. I want my chance to be a part of that! I want to make a difference in the world and animals are my calling. I hope that everyone who visits this site will enjoy it and will leave feeling better about the world. I hope everyone will go out and do their own good because they see it is possible for even just one person to make a difference. Of course, that isn’t to say that this site is all just me. At the moment there is also Nikki who will not only be the web designer but also a contributor to the site’s content. Hopefully this really takes off and we can find even more people who want to help! My ideas for this place just keep growing and growing. I now want to have a database with any and every shelter anywhere that my visitors provide me links for. I want to post news links, opinions, product reviews, interviews, anything I think is relevant and will be of interest to the readers. At this point, who knows where we’ll end up?I can’t wait to see!

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