The I Love Rescue Animals Foster Challenge!

Hey guys! We’re excited to try out an idea that I’ve had floating around in my head for awhile and that is to throw down a foster challenge. What I mean by that is this: we hear of a shelter in need so we ask a certain number of you lovely people to join us in fostering for a short period of time to lighten their load. I think it will be cool and fun. It will be a great way for us to work together to make a bigger impact than Nikki & I could on our own. It’ll be fun to see us achieve goals!

Our first foster challenge is for people here in the Austin, TX area. For those who don’t know, Town Lake Animal Center is moving to its new location at the Austin Animal Center in East Austin. This is so exciting for our community as we continue to be a leader in no-kill because the old shelter is very outdated and the new, state-of-the-art building will make the adoption experience more inviting. This is a huge undertaking, however, so TLAC is asking for temporary fosters to keep dogs, cats & rabbits during the move. This will make the transition a lot smoother. They are looking for fosters from today through about the 17th. It’s not a very long time but it will make a huge difference. So let’s do it!

If you’re already an approved foster with TLAC, great! If not, it’s a simple online form. I apologize that I don’t know exactly how it will work from there but for this challenge I’m just hoping to get 5 people from the ILRA community to sign up for and foster an animal from TLAC during the move. Just five, but it will help those 5 animals! We’ve submitted a foster application so that means we only need 4 more people to do the same to meet our goal! And once we have our animals, let’s make sure to take a bunch of pictures and videos of our animals and make sure that once they go back to the new Austin Animal Center, they’ll have lots of people lined up wanting to adopt! And don’t worry, they straight up say that if after those days you are too attached to let your animal go, you’ll be allowed to adopt them! So what do you have to lose? Let us know that you’re going to do it and let’s make our first foster challenge a huge success!

Shelter Sketches: Meet Waylon

Who doesn’t love llamas?

Meet Waylon

Waylon is a senior male llama living in Utah. There isn’t much information about him on his Petfinder page, but apparently he likes to hum, and enjoys being sung to! If you have the room, could you give this gentleman a loving home?

Contact Info:
Fullmer Menagerie Animal Rescue, Salina, UT

Meet Waylon

Texture from Bittbox.

To find out more about Waylon, check out his Petfinder page.

Chelsea Conlin is a freelance illustrator, but if she can help spread the word about animals in need with her skills, she’s more than happy to do so! She currently lives in Kentucky with her husband where they do what they can by driving dog rescue transports on weekends. They have two dogs of their own: a rescue greyhound named Storm and a mixed breed named Azu. You can find Chelsea at Paper Nautilus, her sketchblog, twitter, and deviantArt.

365DAA Day 52: Texas Hearing & Service Dogs

Every year in Austin, Texas, there’s awesome event called The Mighty Texas Dogwalk and it’s an event I’m sure a ton of people can get behind. Why? Not only do you get out and walk with your dog with lots of other awesome dog lovers, but all the proceeds of the walk benefit today’s group: Texas Hearing & Service Dogs. Now, there’s something special about this group. Yes, they do a lot of good because they are training hearing and service dogs and helping out people in need, BUT, did you know that all of the dogs they train are adopted? Yes! Adopted! Each dog is from a shelter! How amazing is that? That is why we are proud to support this awesome group as our Day 52! If you’re in the area, please take part in the Mighty Texas Dog Walk this year.

In other 365DAA news, we’re sad to announce that this is our last day. Unfortunately, while we had over 100 pledges, we received only about half of those shirts. But don’t worry – we’re going to try again next year and use the entirety of 2011 to focus on getting shirts and promoting our cause for 2012. We’ll be making a more formal announcement in the next coming days in which we’ll thank our supporters and talk about our intentions for next year, but for now: Thank you to all who have helped so far! Please don’t think this is it – we’ll need your help even more to get the word out and continue with this project! And please – Keep sending us shirts! The more we have, the more prepared we’ll be for next year! You all rock! Now… back to Day 52.

Also see this shirt on flickr!

About Texas Hearing & Service Dogs

THSD is a non-profit organization that trains Service Dogs and Hearing Dogs to assist people with disabilities. Hearing Dogs are trained to alert their deaf owners by touch and lead them to everyday sounds, such as a door knock, smoke alarm or telephone. Service Dogs assist individuals with physical disabilities by opening doors, fetching wheelchairs, retrieving dropped items, operating light switches, moving paralyzed limbs and getting help.

THSD adopts all of our dogs from animal shelters and rescue leagues. Utilizing positive reinforcement, we train the dogs, pair them with their new partners and then train them as teams – all free of charge to the recipients.

Where You Can Find Them

Don’t forget to pledge your own shirt to this project by emailing 365 AT This project CANNOT happen without you! Thank you for your support! Find out more about this project on our 365 Days of Animal Advocacy page.

365DAA Day 51: Dogtoberfest Austin

One of our favorite events here in Austin, TX is an annual event called Dogtoberfest Austin. Not only do they hold one great event to celebrate our canine friends every year, but they also do it to promote adoption and raise funds for local rescues and shelters. Each year new groups are nominated and the end of the event, the proceeds are split among them. I love this event and I love that they are all about raising awareness and funds for pups looking for their forever homes!

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About Dogtoberfest Austin

Dogtobefest Austin is a 501c3, non profit , who’s mission is to provide awareness about dog rescue, as well as raise much needed money for rescue. We hold an annual event at the Domain, which has become the premier, pet related event in Austin.

If you are looking to add a new member to your family, please look to your local rescue groups, as well as shelters. There are hundreds of animals out there hoping to find their forever home. Check out this years benefiting rescue groups, or visit the City of Austin, Townlake Animal Center.
Never buy an animal from a pet store, or through Internet or newspaper ads.

Where You Can Find Them

Don’t forget to pledge your own shirt to this project by emailing 365 AT This project CANNOT happen without you! Thank you for your support! Find out more about this project on our 365 Days of Animal Advocacy page.

365DAA Day 50: Save This Pup!

Day 50 is here! Sad to say it might be one of the last of this project since we don’t have a lot of shirts left, but I’m super excited that we are celebrating the 50th with one of our favorite groups and some fabulous friends. Today is dedicated to Save This Pup, an amazing group and a really great idea that could help lots of shelter dogs all over the world. Laura Posey, the founder of STP, is a remarkable woman with a lot of passion for what she does. From the very first day we met her, she has been a wonderful friend and we look forward to doing a lot more with this group in the future. We love Save This Pup!

Also see this shirt on flickr!
Part of a photo shoot! See alternate photo 1 and alternate photo 2.

About Save This Pup

Many shelter dogs are lucky to find loving homes. But what happens to the pets left behind—those equally deserving companions who for some reason just haven’t found a home? Because it costs less to euthanize pets than it does to care for them, under-funded shelters are often forced to make hard decisions affecting good pets. Now you can.

For a small monthly fee you can sponsor a pup—feed them, keep a roof over their head, make sure they get the care they need until they find that special loving home. When you sponsor a dog you’ll get a best friend for life! You can also stay in touch with your new pal online — get regular news updates, photos and more.

The SaveThisPup Foundation is unique in that it supports the animal adoption organizations and the homeless pets at a direct, local level. All contributions collected through the site will be distributed directly to the animal shelters or rescue organizations and are tax deductible as the law allows. It is also unique in that you get regular feedback and updates on exactly what your money is doing to help a special dog find a forever home.

Where You Can Find Them

Don’t forget to pledge your own shirt to this project by emailing 365 AT This project CANNOT happen without you! Thank you for your support! Find out more about this project on our 365 Days of Animal Advocacy page.