Introducing The Pet Parent Files

We here at ILRA are extremely excited about this new project and we hope that you will join in and help it grow! Together, we can build a huge database of knowledge and help both animals and those that care for them. Let’s do it!

Pet Parent Files: Giving a Rat Meds

Hey folks! It’s been awhile since we’ve written first hand in the blog, but it’s not because we haven’t been busy. This is the first of what will be many of our new series the Pet Parent Files, which we will be doing every Tuesday in conjunction with Best Friends Animal Society’s #PetTipTuesday (with their enthusiastic blessings).

How to Give a Rat Meds

Ever had to give a rat medication and had no idea where to even begin? Well here’s a quick tip on what we do when our rat Chunky comes down with a respiratory infection. We went in and got him some Baytril, which will make things a little easier on him. This video gives you our step-by-step on how we crush the pills, mix it in with baby food, and feed it to our sometimes persnickety rat.

If you have any questions or tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments. We are always open to hear what you have to say!