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Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the holiday season! We’ve been spreading the cheer around here, taking the pups to the dog park, feeding the ferals wet food for Christmas, etc. I can’t believe 2011 is just around the corner! We’re super excited to launch our 365 Days of Animal Advocacy on the first! I really hope we can make it really take off – it’s going to take a lot of work, organization, advertising and, of course, shirts! If you haven’t heard of it yet, please check out its page. Do you have a favorite animal rescue or organization? Let them know about it! Think your friends, family, or followers would find it a cool project? Spread the word! Together, we can make it happen!

As we head into next year we are also hoping that we can finally raise the rest of the money for O’Malley’s recovery. O’Malley is the miracle cat that I found on the side of the road, hit by a car and left to die, covered in ants. He had a broken pelvis & dislocated hip. He has undergone surgery to fix his hip that involved cutting the head off of his femur and has recovered amazingly. He even survived the dreaded water treadmill as he underwent physical therapy to help him rebuild his muscles. He has been neutered and received all of his vaccines. Altogether his cost came to about $700 and as you can tell by his ChipIn donation page, we’ve raised a little bit of the money to cover his vet bills. 16 wonderful people have stepped in so far to help us help this amazing cat and we are so grateful. We realize that money is tight for everyone. Trust us, it’s been difficult for us as well. On top of O’Malley’s bills, we also recently had another foster require an emergency vet visit and after care at our regular vet which resulted in just over $500 in bills. That’s $1200 spent on our fosters over only a couple of months. It’s been rough but they are all recovered and doing amazing and that’s what’s really important!

You Could Win A Pet Portrait!

We are so happy to announce we have another incentive for all of our O’Malley supporters! Adriana Willsie, a fantastic pet portrait artist, has come forward with a great idea to help O’Malley in her own way. Adriana is offering a chance to win a gorgeous 4″x4″ bite-size portrait, normally worth $40, to anyone who donates $10 or more towards this cause. Once we have raised enough to meet our goal, we’ll do a random drawing of eligible donors and announce the winner.

But wait! There’s more!

Adriana is taking her support one step further by offering a 50% off coupon towards one of her 6″x6″ pet portraits for anyone who donates $20 or more! That’s a savings of $75! The only stipulation is that you use your coupon by the end of 2011. We’re really hopeful that this will help us raise the rest of the donations. It’s a very worthy cause and now you could have the chance at receiving something in return. You know, besides the warm, fuzzy feelings. ^_^ This of course applies to anyone who donated before this post. Also, if you have donated previously but would like to donate more to reach one of these levels, all you have to do is donate the difference. We really appreciate that you donated even without incentives.

Thank you so much to all of you who are willing to help this boy gain a new life! We all appreciate it! I know times are tough, but if a lot of you can make a small donation, it can make a HUGE difference to us! Happy holidays and I hope 2011 is your best year yet!

Product Review: Ewww Pawsitively Clean by Bissell

Hey all. It’s been way too long since we’ve done a product review! This time around we are reviewing Ewww Pawsitively Clean by Bissell, one of their newest cleaning products. It’s enzyme-based for use on organic stains and odors such as urine and feces. We were excited to try it out when DogTime Media asked for bloggers to do reviews. We received our bottle through them in exchange for doing the review for Bissell. We tried it out on a few different problems: a carpet stained by dog pee and a dog bed and dog kennel that had lingering cat pee smell. The product worked amazingly and I encourage you to watch our video.

Product Review!


After we had signed up for this promotion, we went to BlogPaws West, where Bissell was one of the sponsors and vendors. There we received a smaller bottle as a sample and we’d like to pass the awesome cleaning power on to you. So we’re offering a giveaway of an 8 ounce bottle of Ewww so you can try it out in your own home. Trust me, if your home is anything like ours, you’ll be glad to have it! This stuff may allow us some of our pet deposit back yet! The rules of the contest are simple. Just comment below telling us why you would like to win this product. This contest will run until November 30th when a winner will be selected at random. Good luck!

100th Post, Blog For Change, Toki Poki and the Howl-O-Ween Contest!

First order of business: This is our 100th post! Congratulations to all of us at I Love Rescue Animals! Happy 100th posts, everyone!

Now on to business.

Blog for Change

Blog the Change

If you didn’t know, October 15th is Blog the Change and we have decided that the best way to change the world is to combine a project that works with both animals and children! So our Blog the Change today is about a great contest going on over at Toki Poki.

Toki Poki and the Howl-O-Ween Contest!

Toki Poki

Have you hear about the latest craze on the street? We’ve been tweeting about it and getting the word out, but our good friends at Toki Poki are holding a fantastically fun and magical Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest that celebrates both the love we have for our animals AND the courageous and strong children at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital. How you ask? Well here’s the skinny from the Toki Poki website.

What is the Contest for?

To show off our Bootiful pets in their most creative Halloween costumes. All entrants stand a chance to win amazing prizes, while bringing smiles to the kids at the Rhode Island Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence.

How does it work?

Toki Poki™ will create Howl-O-Ween Pet Trading Card ten-packs of all contest entries. The cards will then be delivered to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital right before Halloween by 11-year-old Ryan Agnew (owner of member #68 Bailey and #79 Foster).

Why is Toki Poki™ doing this?

Ryan, a former patient at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital, one of Toki Poki™’s founding members and a true inspiration to us all felt that giving the Pet Trading Cards out to the current patients would bring a smile to a child. Read Ryan’s full story here.

Read more about the contest rules, the prizes, and how to enter on the website!

Making Animals and Children Happy!

As you can see, the outreach of this contest is widespread. Animals will be celebrated, people will have fun, and the children at the Hasbro’s Children Hospital will have huge smiles on their faces because of these beautiful cards. I think this is a win-win situation all around and a wonderful way for people to help make a positive change in the world. So for our Blog for Change, we urge everyone to go and enter their pets in this costume and change the world!

Save This Pup!

Back at the first BlogPaws, we met the great folks over at Save this Pup and ended up recording this video at the Mighty Texas Dog Walk in an effort to help the group get on Ellen. We met up again at this month’s BlogPaws event and had a fabulous time talking with the wonderful Laura Posey about the organization and its future. We have so much faith in Save this Pup that we’ve decided that we will do anything we can to help them out. Hence this post.

What is Save This Pup?

The SaveThisPup Foundation is unique in that it supports the animal adoption organizations and the homeless pets at a direct, local level. All contributions collected through the site will be distributed directly to the animal shelters or rescue organizations and are tax deductible as the law allows. It is also unique in that you get regular feedback and updates on exactly what your money is doing to help a special dog find a forever home. For a small monthly fee you can sponsor a pup—feed them, keep a roof over their head, make sure they get the care they need until they find that special loving home. When you sponsor a dog you’ll get a best friend for life! You can also stay in touch with your new pal online — get regular news updates, photos and more.

WIN a Full Year of Advertising on Save This Pup!

Save this Pup is in need of donations to finish their website and get their organization off the ground. So to entice readers, they’ve come with a great idea – everyone who donates $10 or more from now to September 30th will be entered into a drawing. The winner of that drawing will receive a full year of advertising on their website! On top of that, EVERYONE who donates $10 until October 30th will be featured on the Save This Pups’ “Best Pet Blogs” page!

That’s not all! For OUR readers who go and donate and then comment here before October 30th, you will also be entered in a giveaway to receive a $25 gift certificate from Best Bully Sticks, a great treat for your dog! How awesome is that? Not only are you helping out this great cause, but you’ll also be entered in TWO contests AND get your link up on the Save This Pup website! Isn’t that fantastic?

Donating is easy! All you have to do is text “savepups” to 41411 and donate $10! You can also head over to the website and hit their donate button to send through paypal!

So… What are you waiting for? Head over to Save This Pup and make a donation and start making a different for homeless pets!

Nature’s Variety SweetSpots Coupon


SweetSpots Coupons Giveaway!

Hey all! Remember when we reviewed Nature’s Variety SweetSpots, the doggy “ice cream” treats? Well we were lucky enough to receive some coupons for $1.50 off that we’d love to share with our readers! Time is short, however, because we got all caught up in the amazingness that is BlogPaws and just noticed that these coupons expire September 30th! Yikes! If you’re interested in receiving a coupon, please comment below telling us why. Also make sure you input your email correctly since that’s where we’ll contact you to get your mailing address. We only have 5 of these coupons so hurry and comment if you’re interested!


First come, first serve! Don’t forget to check out our review of this product here.