It’s Time for Puppy Bowl 2013!

It’s that time once again! This weekend they will gather on the field and prepare to do battle for everlasting glory. All eyes will be upon them, watching, waiting, hoping. They’ll take that ball and they’ll run with it, to the 30, the 20, the 10, TOUCHDOWN! They’ll turn to the cameras and… scratch that itch behind their ear. I am, of course, talking about the Puppy Bowl! It’s an annual tradition in our household to watch the Puppy Bowl and I’m sure the same can be said for a lot of you. Yes, even those of you who really just watch it for the Kitty Halftime Show. It’s okay, you can admit it. We’re suckers for all species of cuteness too!

Introducing… the Puppy Bowl App!

While you’re preparing for the big day, don’t forget to download the awesome new Puppy Bowl Co-Viewing App, presented by Subaru. It’s available for free from the iTunes store and you can download it to your tablet or phone. The app will expand your Puppy Bowl viewing experience by interacting with what’s happening on your TV and providing additional content. LIVE during the broadcast! (The app will also work with the re-air, since you know you’ll want to watch it twice.) The Puppy Bowl Co-Viewing app can be downloaded beforehand so you can have it all ready to go when the Puppy Bowl airs this Sunday, February 3, at 3:00 pm e/p.

Just like the Super Bowl, the commercials are always something to look forward to as well. And it’s like a bajillion times better because they’re pretty much all filled with animals! Does it get any better than that? Some of our favorites are always the Subaru “Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™” commercials. They’re cute, clever and, best of all, they use actual adopted shelter dogs! To get you good and pumped for game day, here’s a sneak peak at one of their new commercials: Tailgating Those pups are ready for the big game. Are you? With the Puppy Bowl Co-Viewing App, you’ll be the talk of the dog park!

This post is sponsored by Subaru. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but, as always, I Love Rescue Animals only shares news for things we love and support.


This is the third part to our Pets Add Life posts: Part I & Part II

Giving Thanks for Fur

With Thanksgiving and the Holiday season upon us, we have quite a bit to reflect on and much to be thankful for. In our household, we are constantly reminded of how lucky we are to always be surrounded by unconditional love from our furkids. The look of adoration from our oldest dog, the sweet kisses of a cat curled up in our laps, the warm, furry foot-heater of a little dog at the end of the bed – we are surrounded every day by the faces we are most thankful for. It’s true when they say, “Who rescued who?” I don’t know where we would be without them.

So in our final Pets Add Life post, we are taking the time to look at some of the silliest things our cat Merlin has done this past year. You’ve probably seen photos of Merlin here or on our Facebook and Twitter account. He’s a gorgeous classic tabby cat who, for the most part, believes himself to be the greatest of all tigers – proud, noble, distinguished.

Well… for the most part. 😉

Bag or box, Merlin doesn’t care. All he sees is a great place to sit.

Merlin hiding in the smallest box he can find.

Here he is attempting to jump through hoops a giant dog cone. Good job, kitten.

Oh silly kitten. We love you. 🙂

Pets Add Life for Kids too!

Kids and animals go hand in hand! I’m super excited about this so I wanted to make sure to include it in this post. Pets Add Life is doing their 5th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest! If you’re a teacher, grades 3rd-8th or parent, enter your kids in the 5th Annual Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest for a chance to win these awesome prizes:

  • A $1,000 scholarship for each winning student’s classroom
  • A $250 gift certificate for pet products
  • And, a “by·line” in a nationally circulated magazine!

How fantastic is that? In all, 6 children will be chosen as winners. And it couldn’t be easier to enter! Kids simply write a poem about their pet and the joys they bring, and post it online. You can find more of the details over on the Pets Add Life Children’s Poetry Contest page. Good luck! The deadline is January 31, 2013!

Also be sure to check out the past winners – these kids are so talented!

This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the benefits and joys of pet ownership. We wanted to join the campaign because the message is right up our alley.

I Love Rescue Animals Goes To BlogPaws (Again)!

I'm speaking at BlogPaws 2012 badge

BlogPaws or Bust!

While this may not seem like BIG news since Ash and I have attended every BlogPaws Conference since the very first one, what IS big news is that this year, Chelsea will be joining us! For the first time, all three ILRA ladies will be together in one spot in Salt Lake City from June 21st to the 24th. We are super excited about it and can’t wait to be together as an actual team in only four more days! (And many thanks to the awesome folks at Pedigree for once again sponsoring Ash and I – be sure to check back later for a whole post about the upcoming “Write a Post, Help a Dog” campaign!)

Will you be attending BlogPaws? Want the opportunity to meet the three faces behind I Love Rescue Animals? Let us know! Ash and I will be speaking on Saturday about Twitter Strategies along with Kristin Dewey of Cokie the Cat. Ash will speak on the brand strategy behind @RescueAnimals and me on incorporating Twitter into business strategies. All three of us are looking forward to meeting everyone (and seeing old friends) and we hope to see you there! Oh, and if you didn’t know, I Love Rescue Animals is up for the Best Blog Design award in the First Annual BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards! Cross your fingers for us!

You can keep up with the three of us on Twitter to find out where we are at the conference. Ash will be posting as @RescueAnimals, I will be posting as @DesignCoyote and Chelsea as @Cacodaemonia. We can’t wait until BlogPaws! Can you?

Day 03 of the SXSW Coyote Adventures!

Day 03 of SXSW has come and gone, and I will say, what I had hoped was going to be a day filled with awesome social media change, ended up being a little disappointing. I ended up leaving TWO sessions in the first 10 minutes; one because it ended up being just one giant sales pitch, and the other because it was not AT ALL what the description made it sound like. So I was a tad upset with that, BUT I will say that the other two sessions that I went to were both excellent.

When not at sessions today, I spent a good chunk of time at the DeviantArt truck hanging out with some fellow artists and talking about how frustrating it is that so many people simply walk by folks doing live art without even glancing at the beauty being created right next to them. They don’t even realize what they’re missing and I feel sad for them. The happy thing though? I spent so much time with my DA friends that they gave me an awesome piece of live art that DA artist Carmen Olsen had painted only moments before. It’s absolutely beautiful and I had been looking at it the entire time. I just love it.

Now on to some session notes!

21st Century Giving: Social Philanthropy’s Rise

What Makers Need to Know Money & Taxes

Tomorrow will be an even better day. On the Agenda: 101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits, How to Get the Attention You Deserve: Basic PR Strategies for Makers, Content As a Means for Social Change, Everyone Is Gay: Social Media As Social Action OR Positively Inspired Change Campaigns (need to decide), and possibly more if I can fit it all in.

I’m hoping that I will get home earlier in the next few days so I can start working on my SXSW Interactive Resource Guide – if not, no worries. All these notes, tweets, more pictures and video will be put up over there to reference back to. For now… I’m going to bed!

Good night!

Day 02 of the SXSW Coyote Adventures!

Welcome to Day 02!

Day 02 has come and gone and it went by so fast. If you were following the hashtag #SXyote on twitter, you got a lot of information on some geeky things. Today’s sessions ended up being more on the tech and geek side, rather than social media and social good, so I kept the tweets on my own @designcoyote twitter instead of @Rescueanimals. Tomorrow you’ll see more tweets there because tomorrow will be my main Social Media for Social good day – lots of sessions surrounding that topic.

For today, here are some highlights.

Tech Superwomen: Mentors & Mentees FTW




Games for Change: Great Power, Great Responsibility



More Fun Stuff!

Other than those two sessions, I also got to see one of my favorite movie makers Joss Whedon talk about his work and upcoming projects (The Avengers!) I spent much of the afternoon over at Screenburn checking out the latest video games (I got to beta test FireFall, a new online shooter game with some BEAUTIFUL graphics) and watching adorable kids learn how to be game developers. I loved it! It was a nice, calm day before I head into some deep learning tomorrow.

See you all bright and early tomorrow! Happy SXSW! Remember, follow #SXyote on Twitter to get all the latest tweets from my journey to SXSW. And if you have any questions or comments and want me to find out something for you, let me know! I’d love to help you in any way I can. Be Well!