Pet Dental Health Month Challenge Week One

Wow can you believe we’re already a week into February? The only way I’ve been able to keep track is because of our challenge. The pups have finished their first week of Greenies and already we’ve seen great results! It’s actually been really amazing to watch! Of course, to see how far they’ve come already you have to see where they began, right? As I said before, we took all 5 dogs in to the vet on January 31st to get a pre-challenge teeth check. Below you will find the grades of the dogs’ teeth as well as before and after one week of Greenies pictures where available. Due to technical difficulties, we are missing photos from two of the participants but you can see what a difference it’s already made in our three dogs. First, their grades from our vet. You can find more information on what the grades mean in this helpful chart:

Dental Grades


  • Rated Grade 1-2: Moderate Gingivitis
  • Marked Plaque
  • Mild Calculus & Gingival Inflammation on the back molars

  • Grade 1: Early Gingivitis
  • Moderate Plaque
  • Mild Calculus & Gingival Inflammation

  • Grade 2: Advanced Gingivitis
  • Marked Plaque & Gingival Inflammation
  • Moderate Calculus
  • Mild Tooth Resorption & Recession

  • Grade 1: Early Gingivitis
  • Moderate Plaque
  • Mild Calculus

Now for the photos!


Day 1

Day 7

On Spunky’s teeth we can already see a difference in his back molars, which were the worst off to begin with. He has already lost huge chunks of the nasty calculus that had built up on them!


Day 1

Day 7

With Snarf, the most noticeable spots we’re watching are the black spots on his molars on both sides. You can really see a difference on the right back molar. Just look at that!


Day 1

Day 7

Rufus has the worst mouth by far and to us it seemed like he had great strides in losing the calculus on his teeth but it’s not showing well on the photos. He is starting to lose it in chunks and we hope it continues.

Come Join Our Challenge!

The first week is over but it’s not too late for you to join in on our challenge! Just go out, buy some Greenies, and start feeding one a day to your dog. Document the change in their teeth as we go along. Be sure sure to let us know that you’ve joined so you can be entered in the drawing to win TWELVE packs of Greenies! Wow!

Challengers so far:
Kelly Ann T. – Milele & Kouga

Come on, what do you have to lose? Your dog will have better oral health for it!

ILRA Presents: Pet Dental Health Month Challenge!

Hey everyone! Did you know that February is Pet Dental Heath Month? It might not be the first thing you think of when you think of your pet’s health, but your animal’s teeth are just as important to them as ours are to us! We think oral care for our furry kids is important and we want to help celebrate the importance of this month by doing something fun.

Image From AVMASo how did we come up with this challenge? Back in November, Greenies told us about a Pet Oral Health Event they were having at Petco stores around the country. We gathered up our pups and headed over where we met a Nutro/Greenies representative. She did a quick visual exam and rated them on several different aspects such as plaque, calculus and gingival inflammation. They all had varying stages of plaque build-up and the smallest dog had calculus & gingival inflammation as well. The Greenies lady suggested that we try feeding our kids a Greenie a day for a month to really get their teeth back to where they should be. After that, we could cut back and just try to maintain the results. It sounded like a cool idea so we talked to our contact at Greenies and she thought it was a great idea & would fit perfectly for Pet Dental Health Month.

So here we are, one day before February 1st and the start of our challenge! We have five dogs lined up here that are going to participate. We have a great range of dogs in age, size, and oral health so this is going to be really interesting to see how much improvement we see in each of them over the next month. Greenies kindly donated all the Greenies samples we’re going to need for the next month. All five dogs are going to the vet today to have their overall oral health evaluated. They are going to be re-evaluated at the end of the month as well. Tomorrow we will post the results of their exams as well as pre-challenge pictures of their teeth. We’ll be taking new photos each week and will have a huge end results post at the end of February. For now, please meet the our cute participants!

The Puppy Participants!


Husky mix – 7 years old – 55 pounds


Briard mix – 2 years old – 40 pounds


Maltipoo – 4 years old – 12 pounds


Pit Bull – 10 years – 55 pounds


Golden/Lab mix – 5 years – 80 pounds

Come Join the Challenge!

Now here comes the fun part! We want YOU to join us in our challenge! Pick a pup, give them a Greenie a day and document the changes as the month progresses. Why do you want to do this? Why, so your best furry friend will have better oral health, of course! That and Greenies has kindly offered a prize to be given to one random participant! At the end of the month, we will do a random drawing of participants and one lucky duck will win 12 packs of Greenies suited to the size of their dog. You read that right – TWELVE! Depending on the size of your dog, that could be a YEAR’S SUPPLY! How cool is that? The winner will be chosen by a random drawing – join soon because for every week you take the challenge with us, you’ll get an extra entry into the drawing! So come on and join us! This will be a great way for all of us to celebrate Pet Dental Health Month together! We will improve our pets’ overall health by ensuring they have better oral health.

100th Post, Blog For Change, Toki Poki and the Howl-O-Ween Contest!

First order of business: This is our 100th post! Congratulations to all of us at I Love Rescue Animals! Happy 100th posts, everyone!

Now on to business.

Blog for Change

Blog the Change

If you didn’t know, October 15th is Blog the Change and we have decided that the best way to change the world is to combine a project that works with both animals and children! So our Blog the Change today is about a great contest going on over at Toki Poki.

Toki Poki and the Howl-O-Ween Contest!

Toki Poki

Have you hear about the latest craze on the street? We’ve been tweeting about it and getting the word out, but our good friends at Toki Poki are holding a fantastically fun and magical Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest that celebrates both the love we have for our animals AND the courageous and strong children at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital. How you ask? Well here’s the skinny from the Toki Poki website.

What is the Contest for?

To show off our Bootiful pets in their most creative Halloween costumes. All entrants stand a chance to win amazing prizes, while bringing smiles to the kids at the Rhode Island Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence.

How does it work?

Toki Poki™ will create Howl-O-Ween Pet Trading Card ten-packs of all contest entries. The cards will then be delivered to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital right before Halloween by 11-year-old Ryan Agnew (owner of member #68 Bailey and #79 Foster).

Why is Toki Poki™ doing this?

Ryan, a former patient at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital, one of Toki Poki™’s founding members and a true inspiration to us all felt that giving the Pet Trading Cards out to the current patients would bring a smile to a child. Read Ryan’s full story here.

Read more about the contest rules, the prizes, and how to enter on the website!

Making Animals and Children Happy!

As you can see, the outreach of this contest is widespread. Animals will be celebrated, people will have fun, and the children at the Hasbro’s Children Hospital will have huge smiles on their faces because of these beautiful cards. I think this is a win-win situation all around and a wonderful way for people to help make a positive change in the world. So for our Blog for Change, we urge everyone to go and enter their pets in this costume and change the world!