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Hi, I’m Nikki. I’ve always been an animal lover, but it wasn’t until I met Ash that my enthusiasm for them turned to advocating for adoption and increasing awareness of animal rescues and shelters (she’s a very inspiring person). I believe that by creating this site we’re using the ever-growing internet as a network for those who deeply care for the well-being of animals worldwide and by bringing everyone together the sharing of ideas can make a positive impact.

Rescue Animals is an outlet for Ash and I to make our small mark in the animal world and encourage people to adopt and save the lives of animals who really need it. While Ash is the driving force behind much of the content, I’m more of a behind the scenes supporter, by creating the design and running the foundation of the website. I feel that even my small contribution means something. I will, of course, be contributing content as well.

Ash continues her work with animals in our personal lives as well, and while I make small improvements in my own way, my time is often taken up by my freelance web design business and my many side projects (like creating websites for animal groups such as this one). Some day, perhaps I’ll be able to take my hobby of knitting funny clothes and create cute hoodies for large breed dogs (it really is hard to find clothes for bigger dogs) and bake cookies for the rescue animals we are trying to save. I think cookies make the world a better place.

As do happy, fuzzy, tongue-rolling puppies saved from the pound.

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    Nikki Jeske
    • Nikki is a twenty-five year old web designer with a passion for animals. She is taking this opportunity to use her web design talents and help create a loving and helpful website in honor of rescue animals.

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