365 Days of Animal Advocacy

Do you love rescue animals? Do you want to help make their lives better every single day? Do you believe with all your heart that this world would be a happier place if every homeless animal, every dog and every cat and every horse and guinea pig and leopard gecko, every single homeless pet found their forever home? That’s what we believe and every day in 2013 we are going to do our very best to prove it!

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2013 is the year for animals! All I need for you to do is pick an animal rescue, shelter, advocacy group, nonprofit organization, idea, etc. that you want to support. Buy a shirt from them and have it sent to us. We will also need a short description of what the shirt is about – the mission, where the group is located, where they can be found online, any important information that you want to be sure people know about them. This is what 365 Days of Animal Advocacy is and we need your help.

If you’re interested in helping us make this project a success, please email us at 365[AT]iloverescueanimals.org with the name of the organization, rescue, event, etc., information about it including mission statement, location & where it can be found online and we will send you an email with the P.O. Box you can send the shirt to.

I really, truly believe that this could catch on. Through word of mouth, twitter, blogs, animal radio shows, anything you can think of, I think it could really capture people and make them want to check back often to see what the latest shirts were. They could just watch with mild interest but I think we would actually reach some people and make them get out there and help animals more than they already do because we can inspire them. I’ve seen it so much with our twitter accounts, especially @LastChancePets. There are people running their own accounts now and doing a much better job at it than I ever could have but I’d like to think that I somehow gave them that motivation to go ahead and do it. That’s what I think I’m good at. I’m not the best at anything I do but I have ideas and I go for them. With your help, we can show people that one person really can make a difference. I know we all believe it already and that that idea permeates a lot of our philosophy – one life DOES make a difference, The Starfish Effect – but there are so many disenchanted people out there who, despite loving animals dearly, feel overwhelmed and as if nothing they did could ever matter. Could you imagine the impact if we could get just a handful of those people to realize that they personally can change the lives of animals for the better?

I sincerely believe in this idea and I hope I can get you to as well. Please help us make next year the Year for Rescue Animals.

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