Pets Add Life: The Shelter Showdown Contest!


Ash and I are big supporters of our local animal shelters. We foster for them, we walk their dogs, we bring treats for all the critters they have every Christmas, and we are quick to promote them at any event and to any friend interested in pet adoption. We’ve become friends with the people who work and volunteer there and many of our own furkids have come from pet rescues we’ve cared about. Because of our close involvement with shelters, this year’s Pets Add Life campaign is near and dear to our hearts.

Pets Add Life Shelter Contest

“The Pets Add Life (PAL) campaign is designed to demonstrate the joys and benefits of pet ownership, thus driving increased adoption of pets and responsible ownership of pets.” They encourage people to consider having multiple pets so that your animal companions are never lonely. This year, PAL is holding a Shelter contest on their Facebook page called the Shelter Showdown contest.

How big is this contest? Well the first place winner will get $15,000. YES! How amazing is that? Imagine all the great things a shelter could do with that money! It could go to improving their facilities, marketing their animals in bigger and better ways, putting funds into local events to promote adoption, creating a wider spread foster program – the options are limitless! There’s a second and third place winner too who will each get $5,000 – enough to feed lots of hungry mouths for a good while.



  • Only Petfinder listed shelters are eligible to win
  • You must “like” Pal’s Facebook page to vote
  • A person can vote once every 24 hours
  • Contest is open through October 4th and winners will be announced the week of Oct 7th
  • 1st place shelter wins $15k: $10k for a community-wide adoption on 11/19 National Get a Pal For Your Pet Day and $5k as a general donation.
  • 2nd & 3rd place winners each receive $5k donations.
  • You can follow who is in the lead right on the Facebook app page

What Now? Action!

So what are you waiting for? Vote for your favorite shelter and encourage your friends to do the same! Let’s help PAL help shelters!

In their efforts to spread their mission, PAL utilizes a blog, a Facebook page, and a twitter account so to follow along with the fun, be sure to like, follow, and comment! They also make really funny YouTube videos, from the point of view of pets.

I am blogging on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network and the Pets Add Life (Pal) campaign. I received compensation for my time from Pal for sharing my views in this post, but the views expressed here are solely my own.