Emergency Foster Needed for Toni!

Urgent Need for Foster Home!

Hi everyone! We are in need of some help and fast! Do you remember Toni, our beautiful pit bull foster that we had through Austin Animal Center for several months? Well she was adopted into a family and everything was great for awhile! Unfortunately, they moved into a new place and the landlord is insisting they “get rid of her”. Poor Toni! So now we have an emergency situation! If we cannot find Toni a new adopter or foster by the end of the month, i.e. THIS FRIDAY, she will have to be brought back to the shelter! Now AAC is great, but they are BEYOND FULL right now and yes, they have been having to put down adoptable dogs because of it. That is not something we can fathom for our sweet Toni girl! Unfortunately, we now have our new foster pit bull, Angel, (plus our 3 foster cats) so we really do not have space to foster Toni again. That’s where you come in! Even if you can’t commit long term to foster Toni, could you take her for a week or two? We will keep searching for a more permanent place for her but we need to keep her out of AAC if we want to ensure her safety. Once she’s back in their system, they make all the decisions and we have no control over her fate.

Now I have to tell you in all good conscience that her adopters have reported that she has recently begun chasing and possibly “trying to bite” people outside of her family. This is NOT the Toni we fostered but she was around someone else’s border collies that chased people so that is probably where she picked up this bad habit. Again, this was not people in her family, but occurred when she was accidentally left outside and allowed to roam freely. They have been cautious and putting her up when people come over. Toni is crate trained, so this shouldn’t be an issue. I can honestly say that Toni was not people aggressive in the least when she was with us so this is a relatively new issue that I believe can be corrected with the proper training. She even went to huge dog events like the Texas Sized Pittie Pride Parade where she was around hundreds of dogs and people with NO issues. That is why we are having her adopters fill out a behavior assessment and are in contact with Tara Stermer, owner of Training by Tara, who previously worked with Toni when she was at AAC.

Training by Tara Help for Toni!

The best news to come of all this? Because Tara loves Toni so much, she is offering two FREE personal sessions to anyone who fosters or adopts Toni! As someone who specializes in bully breeds and dogs with aggression, this is huge! It is exactly what Toni needs and I am sure she will be back to her old self in no time. So please, please spread the word about Toni! She is a great dog who was awesome with our own dogs! In fact, her favorite was Rufus, the little maltipoo! She played sweetly with my nieces, ages 3 and 6, with no problems, and currently lives with a 1 year old baby. She just wants to be by you and have her belly rubbed! Our only concern with her is cats, so she’ll need a foster or adopter with no cats. Also, yes, she still does have heartworm, but the shelter is no longer able to provide vouchers for heartworm treatment. There are several low-cost clinics that can do it, however, and we will be more than happy to help raise donations to get her treatment once she has a long-term foster or forever home. All of her issues are small and can be handled so please don’t let any of this scare you away from her. She is quite the catch, I promise you! Watch her video below to see just how great this girl really is!

If you can help us with Toni, please let us know by commenting below or by emailing us at hello@iloverescueanimals.org. And be sure to share this post on your FB, Twitter, etc. because you never know who will be able to step up! Thank you!

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