Day 02 of the SXSW Coyote Adventures!

Welcome to Day 02!

Day 02 has come and gone and it went by so fast. If you were following the hashtag #SXyote on twitter, you got a lot of information on some geeky things. Today’s sessions ended up being more on the tech and geek side, rather than social media and social good, so I kept the tweets on my own @designcoyote twitter instead of @Rescueanimals. Tomorrow you’ll see more tweets there because tomorrow will be my main Social Media for Social good day – lots of sessions surrounding that topic.

For today, here are some highlights.

Tech Superwomen: Mentors & Mentees FTW




Games for Change: Great Power, Great Responsibility



More Fun Stuff!

Other than those two sessions, I also got to see one of my favorite movie makers Joss Whedon talk about his work and upcoming projects (The Avengers!) I spent much of the afternoon over at Screenburn checking out the latest video games (I got to beta test FireFall, a new online shooter game with some BEAUTIFUL graphics) and watching adorable kids learn how to be game developers. I loved it! It was a nice, calm day before I head into some deep learning tomorrow.

See you all bright and early tomorrow! Happy SXSW! Remember, follow #SXyote on Twitter to get all the latest tweets from my journey to SXSW. And if you have any questions or comments and want me to find out something for you, let me know! I’d love to help you in any way I can. Be Well!

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