Shelter Sketches: Meet Snowy

I hope everyone who hasn’t already will take time to celebrate Earth Hour tonight. 🙂

Meet Snowy

Snowy is a young female bull terrier/dalmatian mix. As sometimes happens with all-white dogs and cats, she is deaf. She certainly isn’t hindered by that, though. She knows a number of hand signals and is responsive to the expressions and body language of the people around her. Like many other young dogs, Snowy loves to play and go for walks, and gets along well with other dogs and children. She even shares toys and food with other dogs and is housebroken. Curious and intelligent, Snowy sounds to me like the perfect dog. Anyone who adopts her will be very, very lucky!

Contact Info:
A HOME 4 Spot, Las Vegas, NV

Meet Snowy

Texture from DarthMaiden and eleven1627.

To find out more about Snowy, check out her Petfinder page.

Chelsea Conlin lives in Las Vegas with her husband, where they do what they can to help animals. They have two dogs of their own: a rescue greyhound named Storm and a mixed breed named Azu. You can find Chelsea on Facebook, her sketchblog, twitter, and deviantArt.

O’Malley’s Day at the Vet

Hey everyone. As some of you already know from Facebook & twitter, I had to take O’Malley to the vet today. See, two days ago he threw up clear liquid, probably water. There were no problems yesterday but when I went in to feed him this morning, there was another large puddle of clear liquid. I cleaned it up and since he still acted hungry, I fed him. He only ate half of it and then threw up his partially digested food maybe 20 minutes later. At that point I called the vet and got him an appointment for tomorrow morning, with her saying if he got worse that they’d fit him in today. Well 5 minutes later he threw up again so I called and she told me to bring him in. All this time I was trying to keep Nikki up to speed via IM while she was at work and was crying because, like you, I hate when my kids are sick. O’Malley being a foster makes no difference. He is our kid until he finds his forever home! So off I go to the vet, after asking for some pawcircle and healing thoughts from our friends and followers.

At the Vet

After a lot of questions, Dr. Jill, our amazing vet, decided to run some bloodwork on him. With cats vomiting like this, it’s always very important to check for signs of pancreatitis. This is a very dangerous inflammation of the pancreas that our youngest cat, Satsuki, had after eating some crappy cat food as a treat. She had to stay overnight on fluids and all sorts of medications and it’s very scary. Come to think of it, I should make a Pet Parent Files about it. Anyway, that was our first concern. Vomiting can also dehydrate a cat very quickly so he was given a bubble of subcutaneous fluids to help rehydrate him. O’Malley’s bloodwork came back all normal. Like nothing out of the ordinary which is good. Dr. Jill ran some extra set of tests to check for all the levels that could suggest organ issues. So it looks like his pancreas, liver, kidneys, fluids, all that is good. Then they took him for X-rays to see if he had an obstruction, such as some string or a toy or anything he might have ingested. We were pretty sure this wasn’t it but you can never tell. Even when you think you’re keeping a good eye on cats, they can still be sneaky. They took two X-rays and Dr. Jill didn’t see anything obvious on them.

The Diagnosis

So it doesn’t look like he has pancreatitis and it doesn’t look like he has an obstruction. This is good news. For now his diagnosis is gastritis. So, the lining of his stomach is inflamed. Of course, this doesn’t mean we know the cause. That’s the problem with symptoms – they can mean so many different things. Anyway, we’re assuming something has upset his stomach but not caused pancreatitis. So Dr. Jill gave him 3 shots. One was an anti-nausea injection so that will hopefully make him feel better. The second was an antacid to calm his stomach if anything is going on in there. And the third was an anti-inflammatory injection. I believe it was a steroid injection, just a small dose. This is in case there is some inflammation going on in his pancreas. Just in case it’s still there and not showing up in the bloodwork. That’s how serious you have to take pancreatitis. But other than that, she sent him home with a bland, prescription diet food to give him for a few days to help calm whatever may have been upsetting his stomach. We just have to feed him a little tonight and watch him for vomiting. If he does, we take him back in the morning for, I assume, more tests and more medication. If not, then we keep watching him and hope everything returns to normal.

So, yes. Please keep him in your thoughts! I know he’s felt all the love pouring in for him already! As always we’d like to thank the wonderful Dr. Jill and the nice people at Animal Care Clinic in Round Rock for caring for our kids and helping us with the cost of fosters when they can!

How You Can Help!

The total bill for all of this came to $314 (you can see a copy of the bill here). Normally Nikki and I try to raise the money in advance since we learned the hard way you can’t always make it back up. In an emergency, though, you just can’t wait. We then just try to pay for it out of our own pockets and raise money. This time we didn’t have enough, both of our bank accounts combined, so we applied for Care Credit and put it on that. We’d like to be able to pay it off before we accrue interest (26%, Yikes!). So yes, it would be wonderful if y’all could help us raise the money for this. O’Malley will also need his routine vaccinations when he’s feeling better. Thank you for your continued support. Know that it makes a difference in all of their lives! Toni & the kittens (Maggie Mae & Mel) have loving homes because you helped them out until they found their forever families. We really appreciate it!

As you can see, the ChipIn amount is for $325. This is because his clinic exam and vaccinations from Animal Trustees of Austin is $34. We only added $10 to the amount though because Jenn McKibbin donated the first $25 to O’Malley’s vet care. The direct link to the ChipIn is here. Thank you again, from us and O’Malley.

O’Malley’s Story

You can check out all of our foster O’Malley’s story here (or start here for the first chapter). He’s had a rough road, but full of love and support. And he’s looking for a forever home. Check out his video below.

Thank you!

Your Weekly Twitter Recap!

Shelter Sketches: Meet Grace

I came across this girl on Facebook a couple weeks ago, and I knew I had to sketch her portrait.

Meet Grace

I don’t know much about Grace’s past. The coordinator at TN Death Row Dogs, which is the group taking care of Grace, said that she was left at a shelter after being beaten. Apparently she had blood on her forehead and near one ear, and both eyes were swollen shut. Grace also has a bad case of Entropion, a condition in which one or both eyelids fold inward and the eyelashes rub against the eye. She has been vaccinated and found to be heart worm negative, and underwent surgery on her eyelids a few days ago. The vets aren’t sure yet if a second surgery will be necessary, but Grace is doing well aside from some swelling.

She’s a bit cautious around people, but is very calm and gentle. She’ll be ready to go into a foster or forever home soon, where she can finally get the love she deserves. Can you give her a home, or perhaps donate toward her medical expenses?

Contact Info:
Tennessee Death Row Dogs
P.O. Box 1015
Spring Hill, TN 37174

Meet Grace

Texture from Star Net Blog.

Chelsea Conlin lives in Las Vegas with her husband, where they do what they can to help animals. They have two dogs of their own: a rescue greyhound named Storm and a mixed breed named Azu. You can find Chelsea on Facebook, her sketchblog, twitter, and deviantArt.

Shelter Sketches: Meet Amiga

Apologies for the very late post this week! I’m waiting on some information for the next featured animal, so in the meantime I’ll post Shelter Sketches’ first bird.

Meet Amiga

Amiga is a ten year old female Blue and Gold Macaw. As these birds can live so long, Amiga is still a frisky kid! She is inquisitive and loves to explore and play. She was rescued from a hoarder, but you would never know what she’s been through because of her sweet disposition. Do you have experience with large birds? Can you give this girl a home?

Contact Info:
Wilton Parrot Rescue, Wilton, CT

Meet Amiga

Texture from Mayang’s Free Textures.

To find out more about Amiga and watch some videos of her, check out her Petfinder page.

Chelsea Conlin is a freelance illustrator, but if she can help spread the word about animals in need with her skills, she’s more than happy to do so! She currently lives in Kentucky with her husband where they do what they can by driving dog rescue transports on weekends. They have two dogs of their own: a rescue greyhound named Storm and a mixed breed named Azu. You can find Chelsea at Paper Nautilus, her sketchblog, twitter, and deviantArt.