Please Help Our Sweet Merlin

A Plea for Merlin

Hi everyone. This is strange for me because we have never asked for money for our own kids before. It has always been for fosters and even then only when we really needed the help. We have shared many ChipIns for other people’s personal pets but we have always tried to just muddle through on our own when it came to us. But this time, we really need your help.

As some of you may know, on Monday night, around midnight, Merlin had a seizure. It was one of the scariest things of my life and even as I was going through the motions of finding & calling the emergency vet and driving us there, it was like I was in a daze. I was shaking the entire time, even making signing for his care at the clinic difficult. My heart beat didn’t slow down for nearly 24 hours. Seriously.

Merlin had to have blood work done and had to stay at the clinic overnight to be monitored. That bill came to $368. When we picked him up in the morning, we took him to our regular vet. She watched him for us that day for free, because she is wonderful, but we still had the exam fee and she also did an FIV/FelV combo test on him. That bill came to $80. So we spent a total of $448 in less than 24 hours. We had to and we don’t regret it. Merlin is one of our children and we will do everything we can for him. But that was money we barely had.

Our vet recommended that we take him to a cardiologist to get an echocardiogram on him as the next step to diagnosing what may have caused his seizure. There are so many potential causes for seizures that it’s crazy. Our vet feels that, due to his history, the echo is the next best step instead of just blindly guessing and doing expensive titers. The echo should give our vet an idea of where to start looking. Besides, Merlin has needed an echocardiogram since last year.

A Little Backstory

Back in May of last year, right after our move, Merlin went into a terrible downward spiral. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Merlin wasn’t even 3 years old yet and was at death’s door. Our vet gave us medication to help his heart and to get the huge amount of fluid off his chest but we were basically told to take him home and give him comfort as he died. He could have a heart attack at any moment. We took him home and kept him next to us for days. Every time he had a panic attack because he couldn’t breathe due to the fluid on his chest, we cried and told him he could go if it hurt too bad. Every night before we went to sleep, we told him we loved him and said our goodbyes. Every time we woke up during the night to check on him our chests were tight as we strained to see if he was still breathing. And every time he was. And every day he grew stronger. And ate more. And got irritated with us being so concerned over him. And slowly, slowly, we weaned him off of the high dose of the Lasix (fluid medication). When we first brought him home, he was on SIX a day! Now, for several months, he has been maintained on only 1 Lasix a day as well as his 1/4 of Amlodipine (heart medication).

Until this seizure, our boy was back to being his usual self and you couldn’t even tell he had a problem. He eats & plays & causes mischief. Our vet was amazed at how good he looked when we took him in the other day and couldn’t stop saying it. Merlin fought hard & we fought hard and we are not giving up! If this is what Merlin needs, then he will get it! But we need your help. We are tapped out and this is not something that can wait. I have an appointment scheduled for him next week on Tuesday, Feb. 28th.

We Need Your Help!

So we have 5 days to raise $450. Please help us if you can. We will be eternally grateful. We put a lot into the animal welfare world and now we need to ask for a little back. But I swear to you that we will give it back again 10 fold. Animals are our lives. And this boy is our baby. Please help us find out what is wrong with him so we can make his life as good as it can possibly be! Thank you!

You can also check out the ChipIn page.

Everyone who donates will get a thank you from us on this post, on our Facebook (2170 fans) and on our twitter (18,500 followers). If you want us to link to your twitter account, be sure to give it to us in the notes of your donation. If you have a business that you’d like to promote on ILRA, NOW is the time to do it! We are offering 3 months of advertising, normally $255 for only $200 if you mention that you’re doing it for Merlin. And I’ll throw in a shout out on FB & twitter as well because we will be so appreciative! Is there anything else you want me to do for you in exchange for helping Merlin? Just ask and we’ll see what we can do. We have to do this for our boy. So please, please, help him. Thank you.

Thank you to these wonderful donors:

Stephanie Minck of
Winnie Pickens
Kayla Spencer
Cain Demumbra
Stefan Schindler
Leslie Olyott
Rhonda Pickens
Jennifer Kelly
Patty White
Emily Jeske
Will Shoucair
Lost And Found Dog Rescue Adoption Center
Mackenzie Case

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  1. Femke says:

    I wish i could help. I’m from belgium and don’t have visa or creditcard 🙁

  2. Femke says:

    I will, and i retweet this site so people can help. I wish from the bottom of my heart that eveythings gonna be fine with him.

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