365DAA 2012 Day 4: Save This Pup!

Today is dedicated to Save This Pup, an amazing group and a really great idea that could help lots of shelter dogs all over the world. Laura Posey, the founder of STP, is a remarkable woman with a lot of passion for what she does. From the very first day we met her, she has been a wonderful friend and we look forward to doing a lot more with this group in the future. We love Save This Pup!

Day 4: Save This Pup

About Save This Pup

Many shelter dogs are lucky to find loving homes. But what happens to the pets left behind—those equally deserving companions who for some reason just haven’t found a home? Because it costs less to euthanize pets than it does to care for them, under-funded shelters are often forced to make hard decisions affecting good pets. Now you can.

For a small monthly fee you can sponsor a pup—feed them, keep a roof over their head, make sure they get the care they need until they find that special loving home. When you sponsor a dog you’ll get a best friend for life! You can also stay in touch with your new pal online — get regular news updates, photos and more.

The SaveThisPup Foundation is unique in that it supports the animal adoption organizations and the homeless pets at a direct, local level. All contributions collected through the site will be distributed directly to the animal shelters or rescue organizations and are tax deductible as the law allows. It is also unique in that you get regular feedback and updates on exactly what your money is doing to help a special dog find a forever home.

Where You Can Find Them

If you’re interested in helping us make this project a success, please email us at 365[AT]iloverescueanimals.org with the name of your organization, rescue, event, etc., information about it including mission statement, physical location and where it can be found online and we will send you an email with the address you can send the shirt to. You can also send along any personal stories you’d like to share about the group. We can’t do this with out you so contact us today!

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