365DAA 2012 Day 2: 401K+9

365 Days of Animal Advocacy isn’t just about shelters and rescues and nonprofits. We’re also about ideas and projects and programs that benefit and raise awareness for animal welfare. As we post shirts (and as Ash wears them), we’ll be mixing them up so you can see all the different types of groups and projects we support and are trying to help. Today’s shirt is for a project that was started to better the lives of some of the bravest souls on the streets: the police dogs. We were first introduced to the 401K+9 project at Dogtoberfest 2010 and the minute we knew what it was, we were on board. While their program at the moment is relatively small, it’s also only been around for a short time. Hopefully, with some awareness, the Austin public will continue to grow in support of this incredible program that works at giving back to the dogs that keep our city safe.

Day 2: 401K+9

About 401K+9

The 401K+9 program supports Central Texas canine crimefighters and was put together by the Greater Austin Crime Commission. It’s mission is to “assist with medical expenses for retired law enforcement animals.” They are also working on “Supplying equipment to create the nation’s first K-9 chembio and radiation detection programs.” The program funds canine emergency medical kits for officers and raises money for K-9 officers in need of medical treatment. It’s time to put our four-legged crimefighters in the spotlight!

Where You Can Find Them

If you’re interested in helping us make this project a success, please email us at 365[AT]iloverescueanimals.org with the name of your organization, rescue, event, etc., information about it including mission statement, physical location and where it can be found online and we will send you an email with the address you can send the shirt to. You can also send along any personal stories you’d like to share about the group. We can’t do this with out you so contact us today!

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