Please help Sam, one of our September Shelter Sketches

Hi everyone, this is Chelsea. You might remember Sam, whose sketch I drew in September of this year. He was heartworm positive when Noah’s Ark Rescue took him in, and he and six other HW-positive dogs desperately need our help! Here’s the story from NAR:

For those of you that don’t know this already, we have been unable to get Immiticide which is the treatment for dogs that are high Heartworm Positive. Merial, which is the manufacturer of Immiticide had to quit production this year due to problems at their plant. Immiticide is the only proven treatment for dogs that are on the high positive list to rid their bodies of the worms. We have been doing a slow kill on all of the animals while we were waiting for Immiticide to come back into distribution. Surgery is an option but only for dogs where the worms have invaded the valves in the heart. None of our dogs have reached that point or we would have already had the surgery on them. The European division of Merial still produces Immiticide. It has been approved for the European market but has not been approved for the USA market. It takes years to get the FDA to do the necessary studies for any product to be approved. The products are identical. After thorough tests we now feel confident the product is the same as the original product Merial manufactured here. An animal has to be in the late stage of Heartworm Disease to be eligible for the treatment. All of the above dogs are eligible and have been approved for the treatment based on their medical history and the fact they will eventually die from the disease without the treatment. The product is given based on weight and is very expensive. We do not take Immiticide treatment lightly because of all the side effects it can have. It needs to be done in a calm controlled medical environment where the dogs are kept quiet and closely monitored. That is what we have arranged for each animal. Please, help us raise the funds so each one of these special animals can live a long healthy life free of heartworms and the pain and suffering they cause.

I know the holiday season is a difficult time for everyone, money-wise, but you might consider donating to these amazing dogs in someone’s name – what an awesome gift! 🙂 Here’s the donation link and more information.


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  1. Donna Conlin says:

    I will donate $25.00 in Chelsea Conlin’s name. Merry Christmas Chels! Good luck to all the dogs & a long & healthy life to each one 🙂

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