Pure Gold: Adventures with Six Rescued Golden Retrievers – A Review

Growing up, my best friend and favorite playmate in the entire world was Brandy, my beloved golden retriever. From three years old until 17, we were inseparable. She was everything to me and almost eight years after she passed away I still miss her everyday. So when Ash and I were given the opportunity to review the book Pure Gold: Adventures with Six Rescued Golden Retrievers by Holli Pfau, I jumped at the chance. There’s something about the face of a golden, of the way their eyes reflect their deep souls, that makes you feel like everything in the world is good. And it is apparent from the very beginning that Holli Pfau feels the same way.

We are honored to be closing out Holli’s blog tour to celebrate and promote this beautiful book. The thing that initially pulled me into this book wasn’t the story – it wasn’t even the first chapter. What got me, what really made fall in love with this book, was Holli’s dedication. How could you not love a book with this at the very beginning:

This book is dedicated
to the remarkable people who rescue abandoned dogs,
to the people who care for, foster and nurse them
back to health, and to the people who welcome them
into their lives and cherish each and every soul.

And most of all, to the dogs,
who reward us with love, joy and gratitude
for the gift of life.

The Goldens Behind the Story

For Holli, her journey started with one small golden ball of fluff named Nikki (an awesome name if I do say so myself). It was Nikki that was the catalyst that created a lifetime of learning, inspiring, and changing the lives of dogs and their human companions. The book is narrated from Holli’s perspective and she documents the lives of each of the golden retrievers that enter her life and how they subsequently change it for the better. Nikki, Bodie, Tucker, Sophie, Daisy, and Chatter – they all have a story and this book, these wonderfully written words penned by a talented author, give us a positive perspective on having an open heart and the power of a wet nose.

Both Ash and I highly recommend this story to any dog lover, any rescue or foster parent. It touches the heart and reminds us why we do what we do – for the dogs and for ourselves. This is a book that belongs on the shelves of anyone who has ever worked with animals. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy (and I really think you should), you can find it on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. Do it. You won’t regret it.


It’s your lucky day! You could win a copy of Pure Gold for your very own. Just leave a comment below and tell us a little about an inspirational animal in your life. Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada residents only (sorry). Deadline to enter the giveaway is Wednesday, December 7. Good luck!

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  1. cacodaemonia says:

    I guess I might as well leave a comment. 🙂 I’m constantly inspired and amazed by our mixed breed, Azu. When we adopted her – four years ago tomorrow – she was absolutely terrified of the world. Nick was the only man who didn’t completely freak her out, and even most women caused her to “boo-woo-wooo” and try to scurry away, tail tucked between her legs. Loud noises, sudden noises, cars and trucks driving by, unfamiliar objects, even the wind all scared her. But her worst enemies were hats. She wouldn’t go near anyone wearing a hat, or even a hat sitting on the ground.

    Through lots and lots of training and exposure to new and scary things, Azu is now so confident that she calmly walked down the crowded Las Vegas Strip last weekend, rode escalators for the first time, strolled within feet of loud traffic, and spared barely a glance at the people dressed as mascots outside various stores and restaurants.

    All these changes are so inspiring to me because it reminds me how Azu – and dogs in general – doesn’t sit and dwell on the things that might have frightened her or hurt her before. She just deals with each moment as it comes and appreciates that moment to the fullest. I’m constantly reminded of how much I can learn from my sweet girl. 🙂

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