Pet Dental Month Challenge Results

As some of you may know, for February we did a challenge with our dogs in honor of Pet Dental Health Month. The challenge consisted of feeding a Greenie to each of our 3 dogs every day. We made no other changes to their diet or behaviors. We took pictures before the challenge began and then at the end of each week to document the change. We also had our vet grade the boys’ oral health both before and after the challenge was over. I have to say that I am very impressed with the results!

You can see more on the vet’s ratings on our first week’s post here but for easy comparison, here are the results from both vet visits. To reduce bias, the vet was not reminded of the scores she gave before the challenge.

The Scores!

Before Challenge
Grade 1-2: Moderate Gingivitis
Marked Plaque
Mild Calculus & Gingival Inflammation on the back molars
After Challenge
Grade 1: Early Gingivitis
Mild Plaque – Improvement!
Normal Rating on Gingival Inflammation – Improvement!
Normal Rating on Calculus – Improvement!
Before Challenge
Grade 1: Early Gingivitis
Moderate Plaque
Mild Calculus & Gingival Inflammation
After Challenge
Mild Plaque – Improvement!
Mild Calculus – Same
Normal Rating on Gingival Inflammation – Improvement!
Before Challenge
Grade 2: Advanced Gingivitis
Marked Plaque & Gingival Inflammation
Moderate Calculus
After Challenge
Moderate Plaque – Improvement!
Moderate Calculus w/ Vet Note: “Improved greatly L side” – Improvement!
Mild Gingival Inflammation – Improvement!

Video Time!

Check out this video documenting the change in our pup’s teeth over the course of the challenge!

(Here’s a link to the video as well!)

As you can see, using the Greenies for just one month had a tremendous impact on the oral health of our boys! Rufus, who started with the worst rating & most problems, had the most marked changes. It was so cool to see his teeth change as the days went on. You can see in the pictures how the plaque & calculus on both his and Spunky’s teeth broke off more and more as the month wore on. Even Snarf, who as a chewer had the best teeth to begin with, showed improvement. All the dogs had improved breath as well, which is one way we can most easily judge the condition of their mouth.

The only “problem” we encountered, which is just a learned lesson really, is that dogs, like people, tend to favor a side of their mouth. We noticed over the weeks that the dogs tended to chew mostly on one side and by the end we saw a definite difference between the two sides. I’m not sure if you can really convince a dog that it needs to chew evenly. Sometimes we tried holding it on the opposite side but they always tried to switch it back. Still, while Greenies may not be the end-all, be-all to oral health, it is a GREAT tool to improve it. And I guarantee your pups will never complain about it! Ours now beg us for them, the spoiled brats! ^_^

And the Winner Is…

Congratulations to Kelly Ann T. for winning our Pet Dental Health Month Challenge Giveaway! Because you participated in the challenge with us, you’ve won TWELVE boxes of Greenies of whatever size your dogs require! Make sure you email us your dogs’ weights as well as a shipping address which we’ll pass along to Greenies so they can get the prize to you.

We here at ILRA would like to give a huge thank you to Greenies for providing us with the product for this challenge as well as for providing the prize! But most of all, thank you for making such a great product that really, truly does what it is meant to. Our kids are healthier for it and you can’t put a price on that!

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3 Responses to “Pet Dental Month Challenge Results”

  1. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I’m amazed at the difference in their teeth too especially since they eat them so fast I’m not sure how the Greenies get a chance to work, but they do. I emailed you all the information and I thank you so much for hosting this contest. I need to hit the Greenies facebook page and tell them too. Have a great weekend and thanks again.

    • Ashley says:

      You’re welcome, Kelly! We’re glad you saw such great results too! I think a lot of it has to do with the texture. How it’s almost rubbery, you know? Even Spunky has learned to chew the bits, albeit fast. I love Greenies!

  2. IanW says:

    We find that keeping our pets teeth clean is difficult. Recently we were introduced to Dentastix which are star shaped bars that are very chewy. And that seems to be making a difference to our 2 German Shepherd. One per day is the regime.

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