365DAA Day 17: The Dog Saving Network

It’s a sad but true fact that many good dogs end up in shelters because their owners fail to train them correctly. With a bit of positive reinforcement, these dogs could make the best family pets but they are not given that chance. The Dog Saving Network is a nonprofit organization that not only advocates strongly for adoption, but they are also all about educating – both the owner and the dog! They are committed to reducing the pet population and teaching people how to be responsible pet owners. That is why we are proud to feature them as our Day 17 group!

Also see this shirt on flickr!

About the Dog Saving Network

The Dog Saving Network uses fun, creative mediums to promote the benefits of positive reinforcement training, generate compassion and encourage shelter adoptions! Our goal is to save lives by raising awareness about the national homeless dog problem and to encourage adoptions through shelters and rescues. We advocate the use of positive reinforcement training and believe that daily training will help get a dog adopted and ease the transition into their new home.

There are millions of dogs that go through the shelter and rescue system each year. You can find dogs of all ages, breeds and some pretty unique mixed breeds as well. Typically, adopted dogs have been given a clean bill of health and are spayed or neutered before they can go to their new homes. By adopting, you are freeing up much needed shelter space and you are saving a life by giving that pup a second chance!

Where You Can Find Them

Don’t forget to pledge your own shirt to this project by emailing 365 AT iloverescueanimals.org. This project CANNOT happen without you! Thank you for your support! Find out more about this project on our 365 Days of Animal Advocacy page.

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3 Responses to “365DAA Day 17: The Dog Saving Network”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rescue Animals and others. Rescue Animals said: RT @365DAA: Today we are featuring @dsn1 as Day 17 of #365DAA! It's the Dog Saving Network! http://bit.ly/dOHNxT […]

  2. Kristine says:

    This sounds like such a great organisation! I really like their approach. Great shirt, too. 🙂

  3. Rosana Hart says:

    I just came across your website and wanted to say what a great thing you are doing, to promote rescues. I have two rescue dogs myself, and blog about them and positive training methods and sometimes about other sites. Have just made myself a note to blog about you… likely it will be a while since I have some other things on the list! In the meantime, keep it up.

    Our fifteen-year-old rescue dog was 2 when we got him. I had phoned a kind of loose network of rescue people where we live in a very rural area, and they referred me to his owner. The 5-year-old Rottie was more a word of mouth thing.

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