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Hey everyone! Again, life gets in the way. I have huge plans for ILRA in 2011. I just need the time to implement them all! I’m sure many of you can understand! Anyway, just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who has been helping with O’Malley. Thanks to 11 incredible people, we have raised $145 towards our goal of $700! As mentioned in the last post about O’Malley, we have a couple silly incentives. Unfortunately, one of the videos I wanted to upload when we reached our halfway mark has messed up audio. So we’ll substitute it with a video of me teasing the dogs at dinner time. No, trust me, it’s cute.

Also, O’Malley will be going in for his neuter, X-rays, & FVRCPL booster in the next week or two, so we’ll have some news on how his healing is coming along soon. I’m excited to see the difference! Anyway, if any of you can afford to donate anything towards this boy’s recovery, we would very much appreciate it! Even $5 helps! We’re also hopefully going to be able to start looking for a home for him soon. If any of you live in the Austin area and are interested in this amazing boy, please stay tuned! Don’t forget that we have our beautiful Storm as well, who would LOVE to have a home for Christmas! Please help her have her miracle – the poor baby has been with us for around 8 months! We love having her, but we all know that she would love even more having her very own forever home.

Donations for O’Malley

Any amount counts. If you have any issues with the ChipIn widget, you check out his official page here. (Also note that this is the second ChipIn we’ve had to set up for him since the first didn’t reach the goal and was closed. This one takes up where that one left off.)

Thank You To O’Malley’s Supporters!

These wonderful people have chipped in for O’Malley and we want to thank every one of them. You guys are part of his story and I know that he is full of gratitude to all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Katherine L.
Andrew S.
Marjorie D.
Roxann R.
Bonnie T.
Lydia O.
Cheryl S.
Chelsea C.
Shelly D.
The Rio Grande Basin Bat Project
Jessie T.

And a special thank you to Dash Kitten and Whiskr for supporting our ChipIn and showcasing it on your blog. And thank you to all of you have continue to blog about O’Malley and share his story. The world is full of good people and every day I am reminded of this. Thank you all!

And don’t forget to check out how you can help O’Malley AND win an awesome custom pet portrait!

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  2. Have been wondering for so long how dear little O’Malley is, and cannot seem to find very recent reports on his progress, and if some REALLY lucky family has adopted him into a forever loving home? He deserves nothing less than a life of pampering and many cuddles after what that poor little chap has been through. I feel bad that i have just not been able to send more donations for his vet costs. where is that up to? Are you still needing more funds for his treatment/rehab? (Silly question, we are ALWAYS needing $$$$$ for these little babies we rescue!) Would love to have a quick update if you have a moment, Ashley or Nikki? Sorry for my silence, my ‘other half’ had a heart attack (4th one) a few months ago so we were a bit “off the planet” for a while. I so hope somebody who could see how beautiful little O’Malley is, has fallen in love with him. And what about poor little Storm? Cuddles to all your furry babies.

  3. Congratulations on making it to the finals of the BlogPaws contest! We just wanted to say hello!
    You’ve got a wonderful blog and it’s heartwarming to see the great work you are doing to help our furry friends. : )

    Katie & Glogirly from
    GLOGIRLY-Tails Of A Cat And Her Girl

  4. Dawn says:

    I hope you got the donations you needed. I tried to contribute but it says, “This event has ended”.

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