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O'Malley The Alley Cat!

The Beginning

O’Malley is lucky to be alive. I was on my way to work yesterday when I saw a cat lying on the side of the road. I thought it was dead but as I passed I noticed that its head was up. It took me just a split second to realize that a head up meant he was alive, I was supposed to be at work in 10 minutes, and I HAD to stop and help him. I whipped my car around, parked in an apartment complex across the street, rolled down the windows a bit for Snarf who was in the back seat and ran back to him. I had to wait to cross the four lanes because cars and trucks were going by and I was so scared one was going to hit him right as I was trying to save him. I ran over there and saw that he was alert but he was covered in dirt, debris, open wounds and, worst of all, ants. They were crawling all over him! I pulled him out of the road and onto the grass and picked all the ants off of him while I called my vet. The secretary told me our vet was out for lunch but would be back soon. So I scooped him up and carried him back across the road to my car and just laid him on the front seat since I didn’t have a carrier. On the way to the vet he panted a lot and I worried for him, especially when he just hung his head off the seat.

Once at the vet, they brought me a carrier to put him in and Snarf and I waited patiently for our vet to return. My vet, Dr. Jill, actually left her personal lunch break to come back early just to see me and this poor cat! She’s so awesome! There wasn’t much Dr. Jill could tell me right away though. He was clearly dehydrated and she knew something was broken in his hind end. She would have to sedate him and take X-rays to know more. I left knowing that if it was his pelvis he had a shot but if it was his back, there was nothing we could do for him and he’d have to be put down. So Snarf and I left for work, hoping and hoping that his X-rays would reveal good things. I had already decided before I left, though, that if it turned out to be his back, I would leave work and go there to be with him as he was put down because I wasn’t going to let him die alone.

I, of course, was twittering during all of this, keeping people updated, and good wishes and healing #pawcircle thoughts flowed in for him! I was supposed to know after about 45 minutes but close to 3 hours later, and still hearing nothing, I finally gave in and called. His back was FINE! It made me so happy! His pelvis is broken and his left hip is completely dislocated but his back looked good. He had even eaten a little & gone to the bathroom so I was ecstatic! He stayed overnight on fluids, antibiotics & some pain meds. O’Malley will likely have to have an FHO, which is a femoral head ostectomy, which basically means have his femoral head completely removed. Scar tissue is supposed to grow around it and basically form a new joint. It actually looks like a really neat surgery so you should look it up if you find that sort of thing interesting. She told me that his surgery was NOT an emergency so it could wait until she returned because she had asked around to other vets and they quoted it as anywhere from $750 to $1500! If she does it, she’ll give us a major discount because she’s cool like that!

The Next Day

This morning when they opened I called and checked on him and learned he had done well overnight. I had felt things would be right for him but was still worried. After work I had to feed ferals before I could go get him so I was pretty much the last one there but the vet (not our usual one) and the secretary stayed late just for me! I brought Jacob, another of our fosters, with me so I could get them both combo tested. Jacob has been separated from our personal cats because he had combo tested negative before at a feral cat spay/neuter clinic but since it was batch testing, we wanted to be cautious. Jacob went first and I was overjoyed when his came back fully negative. Then out came O’Malley. The poor guy had fresh blood in some of his wounds and looked a bit upset. He was also dehydrated so the doctor had to stick him with 6 syringes full of subcutaneous water. Plus he gave him another shot of antibiotics since one of his wounds seems to go down to the muscle. Then the poor boy had to be stuck 4 times before a vein could finally be found to draw his blood! Oh my goodness but he was such a good sport. He hissed some but never tried to bite!

The Car-Hit CatThen came the waiting for his results. Something in my gut had me scared but I tried to be positive. Then some blue stain crept across the side and my heart just sank. I said “That’s not good” and as the dot became clearer the vet pulled out the test information to check on which he had just tested positive for. I was so happy when it was FIV but it’s still not what we’d all been hoping for. So O’Malley makes our SECOND foster cat with FIV, along with Storm. Now before the test, the vet had said that if he had either FIV or FelV it would be best to put him down. But once he saw it was FIV, he said to wait and discuss it with our vet, Dr. Jill. So on Monday when she gets back we will discuss how this may affect things. FIV, while not a death sentence, could affect his immune system. So he may not bounce back from surgery like a completely healthy cat would but the way Nikki & I see it, without the surgery, he doesn’t have a life. So I believe it’s worth the risk to give him a shot at a more comfortable, normal life. Anyway, I brought him home and after much shuffling around he was put in his new, small kennel. It has to be small because he’ll need to be confined for 6-8 weeks. The vet told me I would need to force feed him and use a syringe to squirt water down his throat but I think he’s a lot more comfortable here because he’s eaten & drank (a lot!) on his own. Of course, he did like it best when he could lick the wet food off my finger. ^_^ We’ll also be cleaning his wounds with hydrogen peroxide and giving him a week’s worth of antibiotics starting tomorrow. So far, so good!

To Be Continued!

And thus begins the saga of O’Malley the car-hit cat. There will be a lot more to come, I’m sure, and we’ll definitely keep you updated on his progress! Enjoy this short video of him:

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36 Responses to “World, Meet O’Malley”

  1. You are awesome for helping O’Malley! How could someone leave such a sweet thing to die? I hope he pulls through his surgery like a champ and that his FIV doesn’t slow down his recovery.

    Yay yay yay!

    P.S. If you need to raise funds for his surgery, let us know! We all have yours and O’Malley’s backs, I’m sure. 🙂

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you, Dorian. With all these people pulling for him, I think he has an amazing shot at making a quick recovery. Plus he’s just a tough guy. He’s already proven how resilient he is!

      And while our vet is being wonderful & helping us a lot, I think we probably will have to raise some funds. Thanks for your support!

  2. Oh my gosh, Ashely…he is so beautiful! I was thinking about him all afternoon yesterday and hoping for the best. Thank goodness that you saw him and acted so quickly and unselfishly. Totally meant to be…

    • Ashley says:

      I’m so happy that he’s on so many people’s minds! You know all that good energy is going to help him recover even faster! And yes, I believe it was meant to be. He was waiting so patiently for someone to stop.

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  4. You are my hero for helping this kitty. All of us here are hoping for the best.

  5. AboutVetMed says:

    Kudos for a job very well done! I was inspired by your story and hope this inspires other to stop and make a difference for animals.

    Here’s to a speedy recovery, O’Malley. ♥

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you! I loved your article and want to address some of your points in another post soon! Very helpful!

      • Constantly thinking of dear little O’Malley – so hope his surgery is successful and he recovers really well. I love him and wish I could adopt him (already have 6 feline babies!) & I am at the other side of the globe (Aussie.) Give O’Malley a cuddle (gently!) for me.

  6. Cheryl says:

    What an amazing baby! Absolutely beautiful. Reading these stories are emotional but it warms my heart to know there ARE other people like me in this world, who will go to the ends of the earth for these babies. I pray you get the peace in your final decision with O’Malley. He’s likely lived a hard life, but if this is the end for him, he’ll have finally known what love is.

    • Ashley says:

      Having all these wonderful responses is proof for us as well! There are so many people out there sending love to this cat that others just disregarded. It’s so heartwarming!

  7. Gretchen says:

    What a beautiful cat! I am so glad he was rescued! Much love to you all and get well soon O’Malley! =^.^=

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  9. Jane H says:

    Way to go girls! Thank you for helping a creature in need and thank goodness it was YOU who saw him.

    As for the surgery, my Toby had that when he was about two years old. It was a freak thing and they had to completely remove the femoral head of his left back leg. It’s ten years later and he still won’t really jump too much, but the vet says he has great mobility in his hip and there’s only been a touch of arthritis kicking in.

    I know O’Malley’s FIV might change the way he recovers a bit, but I wanted to give you at least one report of a cat recovering really well from the same type of injury. 🙂

    • Ashley says:

      Thanks so much for letting us know that, Jane! It seems like a really cool surgery so I am quite optimistic. He goes in for surgery today so we’ll know soon enough how much it will help him. I bet he’ll make an almost complete recovery just based on how strong he’s been so far even without the surgery!

  10. Diane M. says:

    Ashley, I was so taken with O’Malley’s story, and couldn’t stop thinking about him. My favorite cat could be his twin., and it affected me so much. I know he was waiting on just you. That’s what I believe with the 14 I have rescued. They each have their own personal stories and trials. But if come into your life then God put you there to take care of them for him. I say a prayer every day for him, and look forward to the updates. Don’t leave us hanging! God Speed O’Malley!!!

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you so much, Diane. Your prayers are very much appreciated. I, too, believe he was waiting for me. Just the way he responded to me helping him even though he was injured proves to me that he knew I was there to help. Thank you for rescuing so many yourself!

  11. Have been wondering for days how little O’Malley is doing. Thank goodness you, the good samaritan, saw the poor little chap and stopped to help him. It is sad to think anyone could injure any little animal and just keep going. Hopefully O’Malley will have lots of loving homes who will want him – that is if you can let him go! He looks so beautifully gentle & cuddly, as I have always found ginger cats, male or female, to be. Love and cuddles to O’Malley. Victoria

  12. Sending my daily thoughts and cuddle to little O’Malley. I so hope he is not in too much pain, I know you would not allow him to suffer at all; cats are amazing the way they can hide pain. They are amazing little fighters to survive against the odds when the chips are down. I feel sure O’Malley is going to make a full recovery – will probably have a little bit of artritic pain in later years, but we do have great veterinary medications for that now, and I am sure his forever parents will always keep him happy & comfortable. Love to you also Ashley for seeing and stopping to help this dear little boy; we animal lovers cannot understand how anyone could injure an animal and just leave them to suffer in pain. Victoria P

    • Ashley says:

      Victoria, thank you so much for all your kind words. I don’t feel I did anything special, I just did what I knew I had to do. He deserved better than to die on the road and look at how far he’s come now! I very much agree that he’s a fighter and I feel confident he’ll make an amazing recovery too. His forever parents will certainly be lucky to have him!

  13. I understand O’Malley would have had his surgery by now; have been thinking of him (and Ashley his foster Mum!). Hope it all went as hoped and he will make a wonderful recovery. He certainly has alot of good energy from many loving people pulling for him and cats are so perceptive I am sure he knows he has love around him. Five of my mine who are on the bed with me as I do this all send their “Meowwwww’s” and love to O’Malley also (Mischa, Nomi, Jess, Sylvester & Little Timid Tess.)

  14. Thinking of little O’Malley and hope he doing well after his surgery. Would like to send a small donation as a contribution for his pain meds etc. or towards his surgery. Is there a secure way I can do this (from Australia)?
    Love and cuddles to O’Malley.

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  19. You are an angel. Thank you for rescuing O’Malley. All of my cats have been rescues, and I can see why this post is up for an award.

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  22. What are the “Best Blog Post in the 2011 Petties?? So great that O’Malley’s story inspired so many people!! He is truly a gorgeous cat. He looks so gentle and cuddly no wonder everyone falls in love with him!

  23. jimmie chew says:

    good human! kitty looks happy

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