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Hey everyone! I’m sorry it’s been so long since our first post about O’Malley. It’s been super busy around here with work, the kids, and attending the No More Homeless Pets Conference in Las Vegas this past weekend to help with the Toki Poki booth. I kept wanting to write an update for you all but lack of time and sleep has been getting in the way. Finally, I’m able to write more about him – and at a very important time too.

O’Malley has been doing amazingly well. He is such a strong-willed cat and always such a sweetheart. His open wounds have been healing very nicely. The only one really presenting any problems is the largest one on his hurt leg because he keeps trying to self-heal it by licking and re-opening it, but even that one is so tiny and not at all infected. Other than that, this cat has been awesome. We almost took him to the vet again once, a few days after we got him, because he had not had any bowel movements. We had been told to wait until last weekend and if he hadn’t gone by then, to bring him in. We decided to do so, Nikki went outside to clean his carrier, and when she came back inside, he had gone. Silly boy. I guess he’d decided that he really didn’t feel like a trip to the vet! He’s been doing well since then and he uses the little litter box in his kennel very well. We can’t keep this boy down! Seriously, he won’t stop standing and walking around, on a broken pelvis and dislocated femur! We wish he wouldn’t, of course, but then we also have to admire him for how strong and determined he is. That gives me great hope that he will recover very nicely from his surgery despite his FIV status.

Speaking of which, O’Malley’s surgery is tomorrow (or rather today, now that I look at the clock). When my vet came back I spoke to her on the phone and she was available to do the surgery either last Thursday or this Tuesday. Nikki and I debated for awhile on which to choose. Obviously we wanted him to be fixed and on his way to true recovery as soon as possible but we also wanted to be here for him afterwards. Since we were gone for the weekend, and even though we trust our petsitter completely, we still decided it would be best to wait until we could be here so we could take care of him ourselves. I’m assuming he’ll be on more antibiotics and possibly pain meds but I’ll let you know all the details after the surgery. Again, he’s going to get an FHO, femoral head ostectomy. From what I’ve read about it, it seems like a great option and, as my vet said, “the answer to a more comfortable life”. His recovery should take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks so we’ll have him for a good time after this but I also hope that with such an inspirational story, he’ll have no trouble finding the perfect forever home.

Still, I am worried about his surgery, as any foster parent would be, so we would very much appreciate all the well-wishes and prayers and healing energies you can send O’Malley’s way. I know he feels it and I know he appreciates it. He is such a sweet, beautiful, loving cat. I can’t believe that after all he’s been through, he still just wants to crawl into your lap and be pet. He deserves the very best and we’re going to do our very best to give it to him. Thanks, friends. I promise it won’t be so long until his next update. I’ll let you all know how his surgery went ASAP!

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  2. Chelsea says:

    Good luck O’Malley!! <3333

  3. Best of luck, O’Malley! You’ve been in my thoughts and I know you are a fighter! I’ll be thinking of you and holding you close to my heart 🙂

  4. Thinking of you O’Malley and just know you will climb this mountain you dear little boy.
    Just read the story of Duchess – how could nobody notice this poor little dog being alone for a month? Thank goodnes there are people like DDB and ILRA around to pick up the peices. Give her a cuddle for me.

    • Moore healing energy for little O’Malley – He probably has had his surgery by now? Thinking of him and much love coming from our family here in Aussie. Also our feline family (6) all sending loving Meowwwwwwws and prayers for a wonderful recovery for O’Malley. Not to forget you Ashley – you are obviously a great foster Mum. It’s certainly a labour of love though, isn’t it. Bless you for being the way you are. Did I read somewhere it was you that runs around gathering worms up off the street/paving and taking them back to the safety of the grass when it rains? I don’t feel so crazy to know I am not alone. I go out and do this every time it rains!!

  5. I read up about FHO (femoral head ostectomy) this morning while thinking of O’Malley – with (larger) heavy dogs it is a bit of a concern; however, since cats are much lighter it seems a good surgery to have with his type of injury – as your Vet said, will offer a more comfortable life for O’Malley. We are all sending good energy, much love, willing him to climb this mountain & do really well. he is such a darling cat and clearly a little fighter – sure he will come through. God will surely be with this dear little cat. I am sure I am only one of MANY that would be overjoyed to give this little boy a love-filled home. Who could not fall in love with that soft, pretty little face. One can see he is in pain but sitting so patiently listening to Ashley’s loving words to him.He has to know he is surrounded by people who care . Love to you all working with O’Malle, from all of us here “down under” (Aus).

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  7. […] are reading the sixth chapter of O’Malley’s story. Read the First Chapter Read the Second Chapter Read the Third Chapter Read the Fourth Chapter Read the Fifth Chapter To Be […]

  8. Michael says:

    I was just wondering – what on earth is the “Toki Poki” booth?? We’re in the UK and have never heard that before!

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