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Hey everyone! Once again I apologize for such long intervals between posts about O’Malley. We have been super busy lately with me getting increased hours at work, going to dog events, helping at a fundraiser for Central Texas Feline Rescue, and being stuck with only one car for over a week. It’s always crazy around here but lately it’s been even more so.

Anyway, on to what you really care about: O’Malley! So O’Malley had his surgery last Tuesday, a week ago. We took him in early (along with Spunky to get another CBC which came out normal this time – yay!) and talked to the vet for a bit about how he’d been doing at home. We then left him and went to work. We were told we could call at 1:00 to find out how his surgery went. Now, anyone who knows me knows that that meant I was counting down the minutes until I could find out, waiting and worrying and just wanting it to all be over with. 12:45 comes around and I get a call from the vet. With them, no news is good news so I was frightened that they were calling but it turns out that the surgery hadn’t even begun. See, when Dr. Jill did two new pre-surgery X-rays, she say that the crack in his pelvis wasn’t healing like she thought it would. She was worried that he would have to have a plate put in and that bigger surgery would be what we needed to take care of right away versus just the FHO. So she put in a call to an animal orthopedic surgeon to ask about it. I was told that he may have to go out to another vet to have the surgery done now. Obviously we hoped he wouldn’t have to because we know and trust our vet and she knows how important O’Malley is to us even though he’s not “ours”. Luckily, after a consult, she was told to go ahead and do the FHO. Since the break in his pelvis is behind his hip, it isn’t weight bearing, so it should still be able to heal, it will just take awhile. Anyway, his surgery went great but since his operation happened so late in the day by that point, he had to stay overnight.

The next day when I picked him up, Dr. Jill showed me both his X-rays. She showed me the break she had been worried about and for the first time I got to see just how out of place his femur had been. She told me that she hadn’t neutered him like we’d planned because she said even though it’s such a minor surgery, she didn’t want to have to put him through one more thing. She told me that he was really going to hurt from this surgery just due to the nature of it. After all, she had to cut through his muscle, cut off his femoral head on that leg and suture it into muscle in the socket. She also gave me 5 days worth of pain medication (Buprenorphine) which she said was “hard to get and expensive” but that he needed it. Seriously, the stuff came with warning that say “Keep out of reach of children” and “Controlled substance, dangerous unless used as directed”. Poor boy. He was also put on a week’s worth of antibiotics (Clavamox) again which he finished last night. She also gave me a sheet of FHO aftercare. After all my briefing, she went and got him. He was laying in his kennel with no top because she didn’t want to squish him into it and she said he probably wouldn’t move if I just kept him like that. Ha! Dr. Jill doesn’t know how stubborn this cat is! He laid there quietly in the vet’s office but once we were in the car he was standing up and trying to move around so I put the top on. When I got home I tried so hard to move him into his cage without hurting him but he growled and hissed from the pain. Finally that crazy boy just stood up and walked into the cage himself! Same old O’Malley!

Since then his wounds have been healing fine. His hip looks a little funky and bulbous. I don’t know if it’ll stay like that or it’s still swollen. We’re supposed to be doing exercises with him as of 2 days ago. He’s supposed to be walking and standing, which he is, but I’m not sure it’s enough. It’s been a bit of a rush. I knew he would need therapy but I thought after like 2 weeks or more, not starting around day 5! Anyway, I called Dr. Jill today and she recommended another vet here in Austin who is certified in veterinary chiropractics and acupuncture. We also met another woman at a dog event we attended this weekend who has a whole Canine & Feline Rehabilitation & Conditioning Center. She’s apparently very well known in her field and has published scientific articles on the matter. She told us we could come in for even just one meeting where she could teach us some exercises. I wish he could be on a full therapy program but of course, sadly, it all comes down to money. I’m hoping one of them at least will give us a deal since he’s a rescue. I just want what’s best for him and know at the moment we’re lacking in the rehabilitation department. I’ll be calling both places tomorrow to see what can happen.

Thank you so much for everyone who continues to care about and ask about O’Malley’s recovery. We’ve still got a long road ahead but I’m hopeful that we’ll come out very successful in the end. We’re doing what we can and O’Malley’s such a fighter that I know his life will be amazing even if he walks a bit funny from now on. It’ll just give him even more personality! Haha. Anyway, I’ll try to take and post pictures of his X-rays soon and when he goes in to be neutered in around 2 months, it’ll be a good opportunity to get another X-ray to see how the healing of both his FHO and pelvis are coming along. I bet it’ll all look great! Also, some of you have been asking and, yes, we will be trying to raise some donations to help pay for this. Even though our vet is amazing and gave us HUGE discounts on everything, it’s still adding up. Thank you to everyone for your support. I know all that loving energy is helping O’Malley recover!

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  2. Carrie says:

    I glad he’s doing well! I personally would love to see his x-rays, ^^

    We don’t usually use Buprenorphine for after-care pain meds anymore because of the cost. It’s not really hard to get in general, but it was on back-order for a couple months recently. It’s a really good pain med though, and hopefully the sedative side effect will help keep him quiet!

    We have a Dr. Jill in our area too; she’s also really nice, 🙂

    Starting the therapy this early makes sense, because everything IS still healing. So, getting everything moving and working the way it’s supposed to means it won’t heal in some weird position that hampers his movement later. And based on what you’ve written about his personality, I think he’ll do just fine. Some cats just know what they need to do to help themselves heal; you’ll just be there to help and guide him, ^^

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