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Hey everyone! It’s Ashley and we’re currently pawtying it up here at BlogPaws West! We’ve been having such an amazing time that we haven’t been able to find even a second to post. It’s been really great meeting all these awesome bloggers & tweeters and the energy from the last one has definitely found its way to this one as well. The networking is amazing and if you’re involved in the pet blogosphere I really hope you get to make it to a BlogPaws soon! We have so many exciting projects to tell you about and tonight’s is one that is so simple and yet it has the potential to help feed thousands of shelter dogs!

Write a Post, Help a Dog!

I’m talking about Pedigree’s “Write a Post, Help a Dog” project. Pedigree, the wonderful company who once again sponsored my trip here, is always looking for more ways to help shelter dogs. By now I’m sure many of you have heard of their Adoption Drive. The commercials they have on TV, showing how shelter dogs are heroes, telling us “Do not pity a shelter dog, adopt one”, ALWAYS make me cry. Seriously, no matter how many times I see it, I always cry from happiness. Awesome marketing for a GREAT cause! Obviously we here at ILRA are completely behind what they do.

In case you didn’t know, they have had a campaign running this year where for every new fan they get on their Facebook page, they will donate a bowl of food to shelter dogs. It has been a tremendous success and since it began in February they have accumulated over 1.1 MILLION fans – meaning 1.1 MILLION meals for shelter dogs! How amazing is that? And they have no intention of stopping there. Pedigree hopes to donate 4 million bowls of food – one for every dog that will end up in a shelter this year.

Now you can help them do even more for dogs in need simply by writing a post. For every blog that writes a post about their adoption drive from now until next Sunday, which is September 19, Pedigree will donate a TWENTY pound bag of their brand new Healthy Longevity Food for Dogs to a shelter. It’s really as easy as that! Write about an awesome cause and and shelters nationwide will receive a large donation of food. I’m super excited about it and I hope you will be too! Go out there and write your posts, then link to them here to the BlogHop (and to our comments) so we can help make sure Pedigree sees it. Come on, let’s feed shelter dogs!

Help a Dog, Win a T-Shirt!

As a small token of our appreciation, if you write a post and leave a comment below telling us about it, we will enter you for a chance to win a Pedigree “Dogs Rule” T-shirt! How awesome is that? We love wearing our shirts – not only is it just a great message (except maybe to our feline friends…), but it’s a great conversation starter to tell others about this great project. Make sure to include the link to the post so we can read it too! We’ll pick a winner for the shirt when the campaign ends – September 19th!

Don’t forget to add your post to this BlogHop (at the end of this long list there is a link that says “Click Here to Enter”) so that Pedigree gets notified that you participated. And let us know as well so you can be entered into a draw for a Dogs Rule t-shirt! You can also tweet @PedigreeUS with your blog post URL and the hashtag #dogsrule.

The Write a Post, Help a Dog Blog Hop: More Posts about the Adoption Drive!

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