Rescue of the Week: Azu!

Welcome to our second week of “Rescue of the Week!” This week we are featuring Chelsea’s beautiful pup, Azu! Read on to learn more about this fantastic rescue.

Rescue of the Week: Azu!

Rescue’s Name: Azu (Azu Bean, Booboo, Beaners, Sweet Pea, Beanie Weanie, Azubaijan)
Species/Breed: She could be a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, maybe Boxer/Labrador, possibly some Redbone Coonhound in there… Who knows! Whatever her particular cocktail of breeds is, it’s perfect.
Age: About 5 years old.

How did your rescue come to be in your life?
Nick and I had been planning to get dogs for years. Of course we couldn’t have any when we were at university, and doubly so when we lived in Japan. When we returned to the States in 2007, we promised ourselves that, as soon as we had steady income and a dog-friendly apartment, we would take a trip to the Humane Society. And that’s what we did on December 1, 2007! I think Azu was the second or third dog we met, and we fell completely in love with her. Thinking back, it was odd that she wasn’t scared of Nick, since one of her main fears for the first couple years was men. She was especially terrified of hats! And loud noises, traffic, skateboards… basically everything. It’s hard to believe that now, though; after a lot of hard work and training, she’s gotten over all of her fears! She’s still the slightest bit wary around certain strangers, but who can blame her, really? Anyway, back to her adoption! She had apparently been picked up as a stray in Kansas and transferred to the Boulder, CO Humane Society. She had obviously been cared for at some point, though, because she knew “sit”, “shake”, and “down”. She even settled into our routine quickly.

Tell us more about your rescue kid:
Azu is the epitome of “dog”. She’s energetic but loves to lie around and snuggle. She’s sturdy and tough, but is very sensitive to the emotions of those around her. She’s clever and good at problem-solving, but still defers to us when she knows she’s out of her depth. She’s expressive and affectionate, but doesn’t jump all over you for attention. She’s far more subtle than that. She just has to look at you, and you suddenly find yourself lavishing her with affection! Some of Azu’s favorite things to do are, in no particular order: – Chasing tennis balls – Eating… just about anything – Fishing, though she’s only ever caught one bluegill – Resting her soft, warm neck on you when you’ve already been hitting your snooze for 20 minutes, and Azu that really is not helping me wake up, you know. – Hiking – Doing tricks – Giving hugs and kisses – Visiting The Place Where Biscuits Live (the bank) – Carrying toys around in her mouth. She even holds them in her sleep. We are honestly so lucky to have Azu. I’ve never met a dog more loving, and snuggly, and just… perfect than her. She makes us laugh and smile countless times every day. Your Name: Chelsea Conlin and Nick Tausek.

Where can you and your pet be found on the internet?
I think most ILRA regulars know where to find me! Paper Nautilus, my sketchblog, twitter, and deviantArt. Nick can be found on his website and twitter. Azu has been featured on Project DOG!

Let’s Hear Your Story!

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  2. Donna says:

    That story & those adorable photos would tug at anybody’s heartstrings. She is so sweet, funny, adorable. I could go on & on. And, an alarm clock, she’s not 😉 Way too snuggly for that.

  3. Labelle says:

    I have a rescue dog named Skip. He came to live with me 3 months ago and it was the best decision I’ve made in years. I know he appreciates the love and kindness – but considering how he has transformed our lives and home it should be me thanking him.
    I say this to anyone who ever considers rescuing an animal – do it! Do it now.

  4. Lonnie says:

    That is a pretty dog. I’m happy that she was able to overcome her fears!

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