Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week

Hey everyone! Guess what this week is? It’s Petfinder’s Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week! What is a “less adoptable” pet, you say? They may be older, or have a disability, or simply be the wrong breed or even color! Okay, so what? How does that make them less adoptable? Well I’m inclined to agree with two of my favorite vets, Dr. V over at Pawcurious and Dr. Tobiassen of AboutVetMed, and say that these are actually “Seriously Adoptable Pets”!

As parents to a black dog and cat, a dog with hypothyroidism (and on pills daily), foster parents to an FIV+ cat, and huge bully breed advocates, we can honestly say that none of these “defects” would ever deter us from caring for and loving an animal in need. But far beyond that, what the real core message behind why this week is important is: These “less adoptable” animals will in NO WAY give you less joy, love and utter devotion than any other animal. We here at ILRA are firm believers that rescued animals know how lucky they are and return all of your affections back tenfold so imagine how overjoyed a “less adoptable” animal will be to find their furever home!

I know we don’t always get to choose the animals that come into our lives – a lot of our kids came to us on their own – but if you are going out looking for a new pet, PLEASE consider adopting one of these types of animals. Whether they’re not as young as they used to be, are a “dangerous” breed, or are suffering from “black dog syndrome”, I assure you the only curse they’re suffering from is purely man-made.

Here are a couple of Seriously Adoptable Pets that need your help finding their forever homes:

Meet Storm

First is our very own foster cat, Storm. Storm was found wandering the streets in East Austin. We soon learned that she is FIV+, meaning she has a lowered immune system. Because of this, it has been hard to find her forever home. If people could see past her FIV status they would see what a beautiful, loving cat she truly is. To learn more about Storm and why FIV is not the death sentence it was once thought to be, check out her recent Shelter Sketch post here.

Meet Princess Buttercup

Next is a gorgeous little kitty that we met at BlogPaws West in Denver. She is a resident of Duncan’s Place in Loveland, CO and her name is Princess Buttercup. If you knew her, you’d know she was aptly named. She is a sweet, sweet kitten and she would love to meet you. She is considered “less adoptable” because she has asthma but I can personally guarantee you that it in no way affects how gosh-darn adorable & loving she is! How can you say no to that face? Learn more about her at her petfinder page.

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4 Responses to “Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week”

  1. De Cunningham says:

    I find it so sad that we have to have a ” Less adoptable week ” but completely understand. We have 5 Doxies 4 are rescues. One of those is deaf . We got him as a puppy. Beautiful little guy is full of joy & has no idea some would call him less adoptable. Our latest rescue is a 9 year old blind little girl. She’s a hoot & we love her as we do all our guys. Also have 5 rescued cats.

  2. Chelsea says:

    If my dogs wouldn’t eat a cat, I would adopt an older kitty. They’re so chill and sweet. 🙂

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