Rescue of the Week: Miss Olive!

Our newest rescue story comes from our reader Amy Kinard. Thank you Amy for sharing your wonderful story and your adorable pup!

Rescue of the Week: Miss Olive!

Rescue’s Name: Miss Olive
Species/Breed: Shih Tzu
Age: estimated at 4 years

How did your rescue come to be in your life?:
I saw her photo as the featured pet of the week for the Santa Cruz SPCA. I just KNEW we were destined to be best friends. I printed out the adoption forms, filled them out and drove to the shelter and sat in the parking lot and waited for them to open.

Tell us more about your rescue kid:
She has the most amazing personality! She is always doing something hilarious, which is why I keep posting videos of her on YouTube! She wakes me up every morning by sticking her little nose right against mine. Best sight in the world! [ILRA Note: Amy, I hope you don’t mind, but you mentioned YouTube and I thought this was an adorable video of Olive! So cute!]

Your Name: Amy Kinard
Where can you and your pet be found on the internet?: Her story has been posted on the Santa Cruz SPCA website under success stories. She is the fourth one down.

Check back next week for another great rescue story! Do you have a story you want to tell? We would love to hear it! Go fill out our form and tell us all about your favorite rescue kid.

Save This Pup!

Back at the first BlogPaws, we met the great folks over at Save this Pup and ended up recording this video at the Mighty Texas Dog Walk in an effort to help the group get on Ellen. We met up again at this month’s BlogPaws event and had a fabulous time talking with the wonderful Laura Posey about the organization and its future. We have so much faith in Save this Pup that we’ve decided that we will do anything we can to help them out. Hence this post.

What is Save This Pup?

The SaveThisPup Foundation is unique in that it supports the animal adoption organizations and the homeless pets at a direct, local level. All contributions collected through the site will be distributed directly to the animal shelters or rescue organizations and are tax deductible as the law allows. It is also unique in that you get regular feedback and updates on exactly what your money is doing to help a special dog find a forever home. For a small monthly fee you can sponsor a pup—feed them, keep a roof over their head, make sure they get the care they need until they find that special loving home. When you sponsor a dog you’ll get a best friend for life! You can also stay in touch with your new pal online — get regular news updates, photos and more.

WIN a Full Year of Advertising on Save This Pup!

Save this Pup is in need of donations to finish their website and get their organization off the ground. So to entice readers, they’ve come with a great idea – everyone who donates $10 or more from now to September 30th will be entered into a drawing. The winner of that drawing will receive a full year of advertising on their website! On top of that, EVERYONE who donates $10 until October 30th will be featured on the Save This Pups’ “Best Pet Blogs” page!

That’s not all! For OUR readers who go and donate and then comment here before October 30th, you will also be entered in a giveaway to receive a $25 gift certificate from Best Bully Sticks, a great treat for your dog! How awesome is that? Not only are you helping out this great cause, but you’ll also be entered in TWO contests AND get your link up on the Save This Pup website! Isn’t that fantastic?

Donating is easy! All you have to do is text “savepups” to 41411 and donate $10! You can also head over to the website and hit their donate button to send through paypal!

So… What are you waiting for? Head over to Save This Pup and make a donation and start making a different for homeless pets!

Shelter Sketches: Meet Fancy

Gaëlle has kindly offered to draw this week’s sketch! She drew this adorable one of Dudley a couple months back, but he was adopted after she drew the sketch and before the post was scheduled to go up! 🙂

Meet Fancy

Fancy is a female boxer, 18-24 months old. She has been spayed and it up to date on all her shots. The Petfinder page doesn’t give details about her previous situation, but given that she was emaciated when rescued, it’s clear that she was mistreated. She still has to gain more weight and is a bit skittish around some other dogs, but despite all that she’s great with people and loves to run and play. Dogs’ ability to forget the past and enjoy the present will never cease to amaze me!

Contact Info:
Central KY Boxer Rescue Inc.
Danville, KY

Meet Fancy

To find out more about Fancy, check out her Petfinder page.

Gaëlle Camus draws for fun. She lives in France, surrounded by dogs who are mostly rescued Siberian huskies, abandoned because many people misunderstand the breed. She fosters dogs when she can and does dog rescue transports. You can find more of Gaëlle’s art on deviantArt.

Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week

Hey everyone! Guess what this week is? It’s Petfinder’s Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week! What is a “less adoptable” pet, you say? They may be older, or have a disability, or simply be the wrong breed or even color! Okay, so what? How does that make them less adoptable? Well I’m inclined to agree with two of my favorite vets, Dr. V over at Pawcurious and Dr. Tobiassen of AboutVetMed, and say that these are actually “Seriously Adoptable Pets”!

As parents to a black dog and cat, a dog with hypothyroidism (and on pills daily), foster parents to an FIV+ cat, and huge bully breed advocates, we can honestly say that none of these “defects” would ever deter us from caring for and loving an animal in need. But far beyond that, what the real core message behind why this week is important is: These “less adoptable” animals will in NO WAY give you less joy, love and utter devotion than any other animal. We here at ILRA are firm believers that rescued animals know how lucky they are and return all of your affections back tenfold so imagine how overjoyed a “less adoptable” animal will be to find their furever home!

I know we don’t always get to choose the animals that come into our lives – a lot of our kids came to us on their own – but if you are going out looking for a new pet, PLEASE consider adopting one of these types of animals. Whether they’re not as young as they used to be, are a “dangerous” breed, or are suffering from “black dog syndrome”, I assure you the only curse they’re suffering from is purely man-made.

Here are a couple of Seriously Adoptable Pets that need your help finding their forever homes:

Meet Storm

First is our very own foster cat, Storm. Storm was found wandering the streets in East Austin. We soon learned that she is FIV+, meaning she has a lowered immune system. Because of this, it has been hard to find her forever home. If people could see past her FIV status they would see what a beautiful, loving cat she truly is. To learn more about Storm and why FIV is not the death sentence it was once thought to be, check out her recent Shelter Sketch post here.

Meet Princess Buttercup

Next is a gorgeous little kitty that we met at BlogPaws West in Denver. She is a resident of Duncan’s Place in Loveland, CO and her name is Princess Buttercup. If you knew her, you’d know she was aptly named. She is a sweet, sweet kitten and she would love to meet you. She is considered “less adoptable” because she has asthma but I can personally guarantee you that it in no way affects how gosh-darn adorable & loving she is! How can you say no to that face? Learn more about her at her petfinder page.

Rescue of the Week: Azu!

Welcome to our second week of “Rescue of the Week!” This week we are featuring Chelsea’s beautiful pup, Azu! Read on to learn more about this fantastic rescue.

Rescue of the Week: Azu!

Rescue’s Name: Azu (Azu Bean, Booboo, Beaners, Sweet Pea, Beanie Weanie, Azubaijan)
Species/Breed: She could be a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, maybe Boxer/Labrador, possibly some Redbone Coonhound in there… Who knows! Whatever her particular cocktail of breeds is, it’s perfect.
Age: About 5 years old.

How did your rescue come to be in your life?
Nick and I had been planning to get dogs for years. Of course we couldn’t have any when we were at university, and doubly so when we lived in Japan. When we returned to the States in 2007, we promised ourselves that, as soon as we had steady income and a dog-friendly apartment, we would take a trip to the Humane Society. And that’s what we did on December 1, 2007! I think Azu was the second or third dog we met, and we fell completely in love with her. Thinking back, it was odd that she wasn’t scared of Nick, since one of her main fears for the first couple years was men. She was especially terrified of hats! And loud noises, traffic, skateboards… basically everything. It’s hard to believe that now, though; after a lot of hard work and training, she’s gotten over all of her fears! She’s still the slightest bit wary around certain strangers, but who can blame her, really? Anyway, back to her adoption! She had apparently been picked up as a stray in Kansas and transferred to the Boulder, CO Humane Society. She had obviously been cared for at some point, though, because she knew “sit”, “shake”, and “down”. She even settled into our routine quickly.

Tell us more about your rescue kid:
Azu is the epitome of “dog”. She’s energetic but loves to lie around and snuggle. She’s sturdy and tough, but is very sensitive to the emotions of those around her. She’s clever and good at problem-solving, but still defers to us when she knows she’s out of her depth. She’s expressive and affectionate, but doesn’t jump all over you for attention. She’s far more subtle than that. She just has to look at you, and you suddenly find yourself lavishing her with affection! Some of Azu’s favorite things to do are, in no particular order: – Chasing tennis balls – Eating… just about anything – Fishing, though she’s only ever caught one bluegill – Resting her soft, warm neck on you when you’ve already been hitting your snooze for 20 minutes, and Azu that really is not helping me wake up, you know. – Hiking – Doing tricks – Giving hugs and kisses – Visiting The Place Where Biscuits Live (the bank) – Carrying toys around in her mouth. She even holds them in her sleep. We are honestly so lucky to have Azu. I’ve never met a dog more loving, and snuggly, and just… perfect than her. She makes us laugh and smile countless times every day. Your Name: Chelsea Conlin and Nick Tausek.

Where can you and your pet be found on the internet?
I think most ILRA regulars know where to find me! Paper Nautilus, my sketchblog, twitter, and deviantArt. Nick can be found on his website and twitter. Azu has been featured on Project DOG!

Let’s Hear Your Story!

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