The Truth Behind TFM: Fluff-Bucket

Already? Yes! It’s another installment of

The Truth Behind TFM: Fluff-Bucket!

Fluff Bucket


This week, we are giving you an inside look on our youngest pup’s childhood. Considering he’s only a year and a half, this wasn’t that long ago. ^_~ You see, Snarf, well he suffered from that horrible habit that most puppies have: he chewed. He chewed on socks. He chewed on stuffed animals. He chewed on shoes, on wires, on plastic bottles, he chewed on anything he could get his teeth on. And that brings us to the most recent The Family Menagerie comic.

Alright, so sometimes we may indulge a little in the comics, but this isn’t that far off. There have been a few chewing incidents that have left shreds of tissue throughout the bathroom and all over the kitchen. Cottonballs in the hallway. Shirt scraps under the couch, a jacket in the kennel full of holes. Pieces of cardboard ripped into millions of tiny pieces all over the bedroom. It happens. Fortunately, he hasn’t had a die-hard urge to chew in awhile and this is something we feel he’s finally grown out of.

Thank goodness.

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