Shelter Sketch: Meet Storm

Today we have a special treat! Okay, maybe it’s not so special, but I’m happy about it. Today’s Shelter Sketch is by yours truly: ME! I’m trying to get in more drawing apart from my design work, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I chose an extremely personal subject too – meet one of our current fosters!

Meet Storm

Storm was a scrawny little thing when she was first brought to us by Ash’s dad, who found her wandering around his neighborhood for weeks before she started exploring his porch. She was so hungry that she didn’t care how close she got to people, she just wanted food. And shelter. And love. Ash and I couldn’t say no to her sweet, pleading face, and because she was more of a stray than a feral, we took her in as a foster in hopes of finding a home for her.

This is Storm

Her story doesn’t end there. When we did a combo test on her, we discovered she was positive for FIV. There are some vets out there, and some groups, who wouldn’t think twice about putting her down because of it (and often times, that’s the default thing to do for TNR cats), but fortunately for her, we wouldn’t allow that. Cats with FIV, it has been discovered, can live a long and happy and healthy life with the right family, the right diet, and enough TLC. Obviously she will need to be an indoor only cat. FIV can only be transferred between cats through the body fluids which means the only way she could really transfer it to another cat is through a deep, penetrating bite wound. This is highly unlikely in a well settled household of cats but to be safe, we are trying to find her a home where she will be an only cat, or have siblings who are also FIV+.

To learn more about FIV, please take the time to read this great article from BFAS: “FIV: Catching a Bad Case of Rumors”

Storm is incredibly sweet and very playful. She loves playing with string and chasing balls of paper across the room. She goes crazy for catnip toys. She LOVES to headbutt and cuddle against you, and she’s a full-grown cat but she’s absolutely tiny. A perpetual kitten. Storm is already spayed and up to date on her rabies and FVRCP.

This cat lived her life on the street – she used to belong to someone and they threw her out. Who knows how long she wandered around before Ash’s dad finally found her. So we have taken up her cause. She’s had several people interested in her, but because she’s a special needs kitty, nobody has come forward yet and she sits and waits patiently for that one person to come take her to her forever home. Are you that person?

Meet Storm

Contact Info
I Love Rescue Animals
Round Rock, TX 78681
Please use the contact form at the bottom of the site if you’re interested in Storm.

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11 Responses to “Shelter Sketch: Meet Storm”

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  3. Katie Kat says:

    I love the sketch of storm!

    My grandparent’s cat, a Russian Blue mix just showed up with kittens at their door one day When my grandparents went into the nursing home, she became my mother’s cat. Even with FIV she lived to be 20 years old, due to love and attention and a bit of cortisone every so often.

    She had to have all her teeth pulled at one point, but that didn’t stop her from eating her kibble!

  4. […] First is our very own foster cat, Storm. Storm was found wandering the streets in East Austin. We soon learned that she is FIV+, meaning she has a lowered immune system. Because of this, it has been hard to find her forever home. If people could see past her FIV status they would see what a beautiful, loving cat she truly is. To learn more about Storm and why FIV is not the death sentence it was once thought to be, check out her recent Shelter Sketch post here. […]

  5. […] we’d all been hoping for. So O’Malley makes our SECOND foster cat with FIV, along with Storm. Now before the test, the vet had said that if he had either FIV or FelV it would be best to put […]

  6. CAM says:

    I have an FIV+ girl who lives peacefully and happily with my other FIV- kitties. They are all indoors-only, and there has been NO transmission of FIV to the others. 2 of them have been tested recently due to other problems, just to rule FIV out. They have all lived together for roughly 2 years now, share the same food bowls, water bowls, litterboxes, play and rough-house together, and still no transmission of the FIV.

    My point is simple, please don’t panic if you get a kitty who is FIV+, and you don’t need to keep them separated from the others, either, unless the FIV+ is really aggressive (not just playful).

    Great to see this site is help spreading the word that FIV+ is not the end of the world, and that these kitties can live long, happy, healthy lives with other kitties!

  7. What a gorgeous cat Storm is!! If I was not at the other side of the world (Australia) I would without hesitation LOVE to adopt both O’Malley & Storm. It is clear by their facial expressions and body language that they both have beautiful, affectionate natures (Ginger cats are particularly affectiionate.)
    Come on all you cat lovers, here are two loving kitty cats who will give you so much love in return for your TLC. Their FIV status should not be a barrier; we have excellent veterinary care to-day, and apart from a good diet and sensible care as regards preferably keeping them indoors; their care would be no more $$$$ than any regular cat.
    Be the one to give these two gorgeous cats (when O’Malley is ready?) a forever loving home. Dear little storm has clearly had a rather rough deal in being abandoned, how I wish I could take her home and spoil her.
    Meanwhile – lets all pull together to help ILRA take care of O’Malley’s veterinary care – every $5 or $10 will help – this is no doubt worrying the girls ………. maybe just donate the cost of a cup of coffee? I am currently having trouble making my donation but will go back and try again.

    • Ashley says:

      Victoria, as always, you make us smile! I wish you didn’t love so far away because we would be lucky to have someone as compassionate as you adopt our foster babies. Thank you for always trying to help rouse others to help. We really appreciate you and hope that they will get to have their forever homes soon – they certainly deserve it!

  8. Hi Ashley, hope dear little O’Malley is still doing his rehab – even the water stuff??? Good boy!!! Surely with those gorgeous photoes/videos of him someone wonderful must fall in love with him!!! And little storm?? I so hope someone comes along and adopts them together – I just feel they would be a good pair of kitties to keep together. Both have had their crosses to bear. One wonders who or where little O’Malley’s owners were/are. Anyway, he is in loving hands (arms!) with you two wonder-girls!
    Do you have any crafty ladies in your area who could perhaps make some cute cat cushions or little beds with cute cat fabrics – do you have stalls (fairs) at which these items could be sold as a means of fund-raising? I guess you do this kind of stuff? I would be happy to try this for you, (to minimise postage costs the “filling” could be added over there.) Due to a
    busted back” (pain) I get a bit lazy but will give this some thought and help if I can. Cuddles to all the critters in your care!!

  9. […] area and are interested in this amazing boy, please stay tuned! Don’t forget that we have our beautiful Storm as well, who would LOVE to have a home for Christmas! Please help her have her miracle – the […]

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