Pet Parent Files: Baby Bird Advice

Hey all! This week’s Pet Parent File gives advice on what to do when you find a baby bird. What prompted this video was me finding a baby dove in the yard at a house I was petsitting at and not really knowing what to do. The video I posted on that day, which also has some tips on setting up a new nest for baby birds, can be found below. I hope you enjoy them both! Also, if you have more advice to add, please comment below or, better yet, make your own video & upload it as a response to ours then tell us where to find it! Let’s grow our knowledge base together!

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One Response to “Pet Parent Files: Baby Bird Advice”

  1. Chelsea says:

    Thanks for posting these! I’ve found many baby birds over the years, and information about what to do with them was always hard to come by. Even when a neighbor brought one to me last summer after a storm had knocked down its tree, I had trouble finding out what I should do with it – most websites just said to leave it alone (it was too late for that) or bring it to a wildlife rehabilitator (there’s only one in my area, and she never returned my phone calls). Sadly, it ended up dying. 🙁

    More recently, I was mowing around a ewe bush in our yard, and when I pulled the mower back away from the base of the bush, I saw something moving. Realizing it was a baby bird, I had this awful moment where my stomach just sank, because I assumed the mower had either killed or severely injured it. I was shocked to find, however, that it was completely unharmed! It was so small that the mower blades just went right over the little thing. After getting Nick to help me search, we finally found its nest and put it back. I kind of expected the bird not to make it, but a few weeks later I was mowing under the same bush (more carefully this time!) and saw a little fledgling hopping around the base of the bush! I’m pretty sure it was the same bird, since there weren’t any other babies in the nest. 🙂

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