ILRA Postcards & How You Can Get Some Free!

Hey all! Remember when I tweeted awhile ago about Nikki & I receiving our brand new postcards from UPrinting? Yeah, probably not, it’s been awhile. BUT! We did receive them and we are really excited about them. They are real live postcards designed by Nikki that not only tell a little about our site & our mission but also feature everyone’s favorite mascot, Spunky! I, for one, think they are just plain adorable, but besides that, it’s a great way to spread our message of loving & helping animals in need. Would you like some cute but meaningful cards to send to your loved ones? Well they’re going to go on sale once Nikki revamps our site and adds a store but if you’d like to get some before everyone else, we have a way for you to get a 5 pack – FOR FREE!

All we want from you is a guest post. That’s right, all we want is to share your thoughts with the rest of the animal loving world. Send us a few paragraphs (or more!) on some animal subject you care about. It can be about anything related to animal welfare, a review on an animal related news article you really like, a certain animal cause happening at the moment that you want to make sure people know about, ANYTHING like that. We’re doing this because we really want to get you involved in ILRA. When Nikki & I started this website, we never wanted it to always be just us talking at you. We want everyone in the animal community to not only feel welcome here but to participate! We want everyone involved in growing ILRA & spreading our message. We want this site to be a dynamic, flowing network of animal lovers sharing their knowledge, passion & stories.

Obviously, we can’t do this alone. We NEED you! We need comments, we need people sending us ideas for what they want to see from us and most of all WE NEED YOU TO JOIN US! Even if you just want to write one post for us & then never do it again, at least you got your voice out there. What we’re hoping, of course, is that you’ll find you like it & will become a regular writer for us. No pressure, though. For now, we just want to hear from you! The great thing about writing guest posts is that it can bring a new audience to your own website or blog. But wait – that’s not all! As an added bonus to help encourage you to overcome your shyness, we are offering 5 FREE ILRA postcards each to the first 5 people to send us their guest post! How neat is that? So put your thinking cap on, get those creative juices flowing & send those posts in and you’ll be the coolest kids on the block with your very own, yet-to-be-released ILRA postcards!


Brand New Postcards!

Just email your super awesome guest post to and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your voice get heard!

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