Love for Feral Kitties!

Hey guys. I know I’ve talked a lot on twitter about how Nikki and I volunteer with a feral cat group. I excitedly tell you about when we have good nights of trapping or how fulfilling it is to know the kitties won’t go hungry today because of you. We posted about our foster kitty, Mika, who finally got her wish – a forever home – on Christmas Eve. Well, we figured that while words are nice, video is even better! When Nikki & I went on our feeding rounds yesterday we brought a video camera and are thrilled to finally be able to share more of what we do with you. The feral cat group that we volunteer for is the Central Texas Feline Rescue. You can read more about them in our last post here. These videos will show you not only how we operate but will also introduce you to some very cute, very deserving kitties. Enjoy!

So are you ready to run out to your nearest feral cat group and sign up? I hope so! Feral cats and strays in general are so misunderstood. If more people would realize that managing feral & stray populations in a humane way such as TNR is not only the right thing to do but also more effective than just killing them, the world would be a better place. If you can ever spare a few nights a month to go trap or take an extra 5 minutes on your way to work to make sure cats don’t go hungry that day, then please contact your local TNR group today! I promise you, the first time you look into the eyes of those appreciative cats, you’ll be hooked for life!

Also, if you would like to help these particular kitties, please help us to win $1000 from the Maddie’s Corner contest. All you have to do is either follow @MaddiesCorner on twitter & then tell them that @RescueAnimals sent you or you can fan Maddie’s Corner on Facebook and post on their wall that Ashley Niels from @RescueAnimals sent you. Super easy, right? We’re such a small group that the money would go a LONG way! Right now, all the food that feeds the over 300 cats we manage, is bought purely by the volunteers, most of all from our group’s founder. We would be incredibly blessed to win this money and would be forever grateful to you! You can find more information about the contest in our last post as well.

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