A Home for the Holidays

With the sudden onset of Winter (and believe me, even in Texas we’re feeling the sudden chill), many people are bundling up their furry kids, boarding up dog houses against the snow drifts, and making sure that all cat beds are moved closer to the fireplace. But the amount of animals that do not have such loving families is a depressingly high number – too high for just Santa to take care of. This year, I say we try and help spread a little of the Christmas cheer to our furry friends.


Iams Home for the Holidays is a program that does a lot every snowy season to find forever homes for a large number of dogs and cat. This Christmas, they are attempting to place 1.5 million pets with loving families by January 4, 2010. With nearly 8 million homeless animals in the U.S. today, and almost half scheduled to be euthanized this year alone, our help is needed now more than ever.

So what can you do to take part? Easy. Adopt! Adopt one of the many adorable pets at IH4TH.com and you’ll not only get the unconditional love from a beautiful cat or dog, but Iams will also give you a one-of-a-kind complimentary adoption kit. Can’t adopt? Can’t blame you – we’ve got quite the handful in our house too. That’s okay, you can still help out. Instead, join the “Feed Pets in Need” program and help bring much needed food to your favorite IH4TH shelter by simply casting a vote at IH4TH.com.

This is an incredible program. Last year alone, the program’s goal of helping 1 million pets get adopted within three months was outdone when 1,202,701 pets were placed in homes – including Rumi, adopted by two-time Academy Award® winner and this year’s IH4TH ambassador Hilary Swank. As of October 1st of this year, IH4TH has successfully found homes for over 621,034 pets and the number just keeps on growing.

I Love Rescue Animals is proud to help out IH4TH and spread the word about the great program they have going. With your help, we can give each and every animal a forever home this Christmas. Please spread the word and follow both the IH4TH twitter account and their facebook account. IH4TH is one of the most successful pet adoption programs in the world and brings together nearly 3,500 animal organizations worldwide. Since 1999, IH4TH has helped more than 3 million animals find homes and hopes to continue breaking the goals they set each year.

Let’s do this. Personally, I think this is one of the greatest things to do for Christmas. Let’s spread the goodwill to our furry friends. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from ILRA!