Yay Healthy Rescues!

Hey everyone! We took Snarf, Rhea & Satsuki to the vet this morning. As we were sitting in the waiting room, several other people that were in there commented on how cute he is. We told them their story and they all wished us and them luck. So, on to the most important, greatest news: the kitties are feline leukemia negative! Nikki and I practically laughed we were so happy when we found out. Anyway, Rhea, the big one, turns out to be an adult (though she’s only 6.5 pounds). She may even be Satsuki’s mom! Satsuki is 4 pounds even and probably 3-4 months old. She does have a low-grade heart murmur but the vet said it may go away as she gets older. They were both covered in fleas, as we knew, so we decided to get them a Capstar tablet each which means they should be flea free by now (we’re giving it a few hours before we bring them in just to be sure). They also had ear mites but the stuff they wanted to give us would have cost us an extra $40. We felt so horrible but told him that we couldn’t afford it. The vet was so nice that he then went around the entire vet clinic looking for 2 free samples. Isn’t that so nice? We had just been feeling low because we don’t have much money at all (especially after we took Spunky & Chunky to the vet last week) and then he went and saved us $40. We love that vet clinic. Everyone there is always so nice. Now onto Snarf! His exam went really well. The vet agrees with us that he might have Irish Wolfhound in him and thinks that he’s around 4 months old. Only 4 months and he’s 30 pounds! Man is he gonna be huge!

No one got vaccinations because we don’t have the funds for that but perhaps if we continue to get donations we can take them back. I’m going to look into the spay/neuter clinic in Cookeville (30 minutes away) for the cats. I believe that if we get them spayed they will also give them lower cost vaccinations. I’m not sure how much the overall cost would be but I’ll look into it. As for donations, Nikki and I want to thank from the bottom of our hearts those who have helped us! From 5 people we received a total of $80 which covered almost half of our expenses. You know who you are. If you’d like recognition on here, let me know and I’ll be glad to tell everyone! If any more of you can afford to help us, please make a donation using our secure paypal page.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on their progress. Snarf is already in the house, trying to learn the rules. Rufus is none too happy about it but I think he’ll come around. Spunky’s just going the “I’m going to ignore you” route. The kitties we will bring in in a few hours when we know all their fleas are dead and will keep them in the master bathroom so they can settle in as well. Cute pictures coming soon!

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